Bright colours, the smell of grass, the structure of food in your mouth, your mother’s awful floral wallpaper; all everyday things that are nothing special. Providing, that is, you haven’t eaten any magic truffles. When you have though, these ‘everyday things’ are suddenly very interesting. Objects appear to breathe, patterns come to life, music is more intense and impressions become stronger. Be carried away to unprecedented heights and lose yourself in that awful floral wallpaper. How? We give you 10 tips for a fantastic trip experience!

It’s Magic!

Magic Truffles are actually neither mushrooms nor shrooms. In reality, magic truffles don’t even exist. It’s a made-up name - the official name is sclerotia. Sclerotia are the food reserves of the mycelium. A mycelium is a network of fungal filaments (or hyphae) under the ground where toadstools normally grow. To cultivate magic truffles (read: sclerotia) the conditions are made unfavourable for the mycelium. This makes the mycelium produce extra nutrients in the form of small bulbs: magic truffles. These truffles are full of psilocybin. Thanks to this substance they aren’t so much truffles as magic truffles. You can fully immerse yourself in your own thoughts and lose yourself in emotions.

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10 tips for an Unforgettable Magic Truffle Experience

A magic truffle trip can be an unforgettable experience. Here, we put the stress on ‘can’ because it can also not be like that. Just as with most soft drugs there are dangers and risks in the use of magic truffles. We give you 10 tips about how to limit the risks and make sure of an unforgettable magic truffle experience.

1. Make Sure that you are Feeling Good and you Also Really Want this

Truffles are mind-altering and hallucinogenic agents. Your mood and emotional state have an effect on the trip. So only use magic truffles if you are feeling good and want to do it. Not the case? Then refuse the truffles and treat yourself to something else. For example, a chocolate bar. This also tastes many times better than magic truffles. Take it easy and watch your friends during their magic truffle trip. Guaranteed to work on your laughing muscles. When you feel you’re ready, you can join in.

2. Magic Truffles and Psychiatric illnesses are a No-Go

Have you ever suffered from psychoses, depression or other psychological complaints? Then don’t use magic truffles. The chance of a relapse is very high. It is absolutely not worth it.

3. Go with the Flow

During a magic truffle trip you experience many differing emotions. You can feel really happy one minute and then sad the next. These mood swings are completely normal. What’s important is that you go with the flow. Don’t fight these emotions and stay calm.

4. An Exciting Environment

The supreme moment: a trip with magic truffles. Magic truffles are famous for allowing you to experience things more intensely. You can have an intense fit of laughter, be awestruck by everyday things, be absorbed in your own thoughts or experience visual hallucinations. To optimise your trip, pay extra attention to your environment. Think about where you’re going to do it. And what music you’ll play. And specific things you might take to look at. You could eat magic truffles on a remote beach, in your bedroom or in the forest. The most important thing is that you do it somewhere that you feel safe.

5. Don’t Combine Magic Truffles with Anything Else

Never use magic truffles in combination with other drugs, medicines or alcohol. This can intensify magic truffles and increase the chance of a bad trip.

6. Buy Magic Truffles at a Trustworthy Smartshop (or Web Shop)

There are many different magic truffles in circulation. What’s important is that you - before using the magic truffles - check whether they are of good quality. So investigate what type they are. Read users’ reports and get advice from experienced users. Experienced users, for example, could be sales employees or the customer service personnel. They are there to help and advise you. Never buy something just like that.

7. Chew Well and on an Empty Stomach

Never take magic truffles on a full stomach. If you’ve eaten something already then wait for at least 3 to 4 hours before eating the truffles. When you eat the truffles, chew them well and for a long time. In this way you’ll improve their effect.

8. Never take too many!

Never exceed the maximum dosage as stated on the truffle packaging. This is not a guideline or a free choice. It’s not there for fun. An overdose of magic truffles can be very unpleasant and lead to undesirable experiences and reactions. Are you using magic truffles for the first time? Then take a low dosage. In this way you can at first calmly experience what the truffles do for you. You can always take more later to achieve the desired effect.

Please note: you usually start to feel something from the magic truffles after half an hour to an hour. If you eat the truffles on a full stomach this might take longer. So never take extra truffles too quickly.

9. Never Get Involved in Traffic

Driving a car with your mobile is already a big challenge. An offence which is heavily penalised by the police. Why? Because car driving is an activity which needs your full attention to be aware of people crossing dangerously, cyclists, other road users, traffic lights and so on. For some people these traffic situations are challenging enough when sober let alone during a magic truffle trip. Just imagine, all the cars keep changing colour, seem to be moving slower or the patterns in your steering wheel suddenly become a source of fascination making it difficult for you to concentrate on the road. At that moment you fail to see the pedestrian who wants to cross the road. Utter chaos and serious injuries would be the end result.

So, what is our tip for you? Do not get involved in traffic when you’ve eaten magic truffles. This means no cycling, no driving, flying or operating a scooter or moped. And not for several hours after your trip. After a trip you stay lazy and short of concentration for a while.

10. Trip Safely! Don’t Get in a Panic and Avoid a Bad Trip

A trip can also go wrong. You can feel anxious or uneasy, sometimes even panicky. It’s important that you - before taking the magic truffles - arrange for a tripsitter. This person won’t take any magic truffles and will watch over you during your trip. If a bad trip happens, the tripsitter can look after you.

Some tips for you both - as user - as tripsitter:

  • Neither of you should panic. A bad trip won’t last forever. It’s not that long before the magic truffles will have worn off (around 6 hours).
  • Never leave someone having a bad trip on their own. This person is unpredictable. They might hurt themselves or do something crazy.
  • Go and sit in a peaceful environment - away from stimuli - and give the truffle user something to drink (no alcohol!).
  • Use a mushroom stopper. A mushroom stopper contains ingredients (dextrose and valerian) which ‘discontinue’ the trip and so shorten its duration.

Let the Magic Begin!

So, be sure to follow our tips and enjoy your trip! And would you like to order good magic truffles? Check out our offers then. These magic truffles are of good, reliable quality. Enjoy!