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Do you like to smoke with wide filter tips? Then choose these tip booklets from the Dutch-Headshop house brand! You get the same quality as the big brands, only you pay considerably less. Our tips have a size of 65 x 24 mm and a thickness of 160 gr/m2. This makes them nice and easy to roll up into solid joint tips. They are not perforated. An M, W or spiral? It's all possible. Each tip booklet contains 36 wide filter tips. They are available per piece, but you can also opt for an extra discounted packaging of 24 pieces. It's not going to get any cheaper than this.

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Dutch-Headshop Filter Tips Booklet

A Dutch-Headshop tip booklet contains 36 wide tips. The paper has a thickness of 160 gr/m2. This means that you don't get soft tips, but rather firm tips. We haven't perforated them so you can choose the shape you want to roll them in. In fact, a Dutch-Headshop tip booklet is of exactly the same quality as that of big brands such as Smoking, Flamez or Futurola. Only slightly better for your wallet. Exactly like you are used to from our house brand!

Even more advantage? Go for an extra special priced package of 24 pieces!

Wide Joint Filter Tips / Roaches

We opted for wide tips (65 x 24 mm) because this has many advantages. Wide tips make it easier to roll because you have more grip when you are doing it. Is your joint ready? Then you will notice that it is firmer than with a normal-sized tip. Your joint is less likely to crack or snap and you won't burn your eyebrows because the flame is a little further away from your face. Have you tried it yet? Then you will not want to do anything else. Wide = Better!

Dutch-Headshop Rolling Paper & Filter Tips

In addition to our filter tips, we also have rolling papers of our own private label. You can find them at the recommended products on this page. Our rolling papers are of very good quality and comparable to Smoking papers. Just like our filter tips you won't find a cheaper alternative. So: if you want to smoke with the best quality rolling papers & filter tips at the best price, you know what to choose. 

Specifications Dutch-Headshop Tips

  • Wide joint filter tips of our own house brand
  • Tip booklet with Dutch-Headshop logo
  • Fine tips from top quality paper
  • Size: 65 x 24 mm
  • Thickness tip: 160 gr/m2 paper
  • Easier to roll
  • More grip when rolling & firmer joints
  • Available per tip booklet or per box
  • 36 tips per tip booklet
  • 24 tip booklets at extra sharp prices

Dutch-Headshop Private Label

Top quality for a competitive price, where we can tell you all about it. That is the Private label of Dutch-Headshop. We buy from the best suppliers and ensure that you get the best quality. In addition, we do our best to keep the amount of packaging material as low as possible and thus save our environment. Our products are safe, legal and healthy and our customer service is ready to answer your questions. What else do you want?

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Wide Filter Tips / Roaches (Dutch-Headshop)

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