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Large pre-rolled Cones from Futurola come in various formats (98 mm, 109 mm, 140 mm, 180 mm, 280 mm). Made from high-quality rolling paper which burns slowly and evenly. The pre-rolled cones have a large, sturdy filter tip and are supplied with a plastic rammer in a nice storage box. This means you can easily fill the cones. So now you can smoke in a large group with these king-size cones from Futurola!

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The Convenience of a Cone

Cones are actually pre-rolled joint sleeves and all you have to do is fill them. These large Futurola Cones burn slowly and evenly. Handy for anyone who wants to smoke a large joint but doesn’t want to or can’t roll one. Futurola cones are made of high-quality rolling paper and are available in various formats right up to 28 cm in size!

Each sleeve is fitted with a large, sturdy filter tip. As standard this is W-shaped so that no bits get in your way during smoking. All cones are supplied in a handy storage box in which you can also keep filled cones. So you can make party joints with Futurola’s Large Cones Joint Sleeves. So just make them... All you have to do is fill and then light up.


  • Pre-rolled joint sleeves (3 or 2 pcs)
  • Choice of 5 different sizes
  • Handy for people who can’t or don’t want to roll their own
  • Made from the highest-quality Futurola rolling paper
  • Burn slowly and evenly
  • Cones are fitted with a large, sturdy tip in the shape of a M
  • Supplied in a handy box where you can also keep your (filled) cones
  • Cones can be filled quickly in various ways
  • Plastic rammer included

Choice of 5 different sizes:

  • Slim-Size 98 mm, 26 mm tip (3 pcs)
  • King-Size 109 mm, 26 mm tip (3 pcs)
  • Party-Size 140 mm, 35 mm tip (3 pcs)
  • Super-Size 180 mm, 45 mm tip (3 pcs)
  • Mega-Size 280 mm, 88 mm tip (2 pcs)

Filling the Futurola Cones

You can fill the Futurola cones in various ways. It only takes a minute for this. In any case, it’s quicker than you rolling an enormous joint yourself. A good method for filling the sleeve is to use a paper funnel. Once you’ve folded up a funnel, place it at the top of the cone and simply pour in the required content.

Another way to fill the sleeves is to use the box they are supplied in. Fill the box with the contents for the joint, place it at the top of the cone while opening the bottom of the box... and just let the contents drop into the joint. Job done. All the cones are supplied with a plastic rammer so you can easily tamp down the joint. Now just light it up!

About Futurola

Futurola is a Dutch smoking brand which originated in the coffee-shop culture in Amsterdam. This family business, founded by brother and sister Brandenburg, develops all the possible accessories any coffee shop needs. As well as its characteristic long rolling paper, Futurola makes joint rollers, grinders, filter tips, cones and whole lot more. All products are designed, developed and produced in-house. This enables one of the Netherlands’ biggest smoking brands to provide high-quality products at low prices with no intermediaries involved.

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