How to use the Futurola joint roller to make a nice joint. A step-by-stop explanation with drawings. The Futurola joint roller usually comes with a manual in different languages.

Step 1 and 2
Open Futurola and fillOpen the Futurola joint roller.

Place the roach or filter at the shallow side of the mat.
Fill the roller with your favorite tobacco/herbs, ensuring even distribution just under the rolls.

Close roller and roll mat
Step 3
Close the roller and use both thumbs to roll the little mat down, both sides simultaneously. Support the rolling of the mat with the fingers on the other side.
Place rolling paper

Place the rolling paper straight into the groove (the sticky side up and facing you).

Roll paper up to glue edge

Roll the paper up to the sticky side or glue strip (see drawing).

Roll joint one full turnStep 4
Wet the sticky strip and roll the joint one full turn.
Open the roller
Step 5
Open the joint roller and your perfect joint is ready.
Fold out the roller and mat and clean it after each use.