Manual CBD Oil products
We write this article because not all CBD products contain a leaflet or manual. This is a general manual for products with CBD. Before you use CBD always read the instructions on the package and on the website of the producer or retailer. We do not give medical advices and we therefore always recommend to discuss the use of CBD with your general practitioner.

What is CBD?
CBD is an abbreviation of Cannabidiol, a cannabinoid that is present in Cannabis. CBD is not psychoactive, so you won't get high or stoned from it. There have been different studies and clinical researches on the effects of CBD for a variety of complaints. CBD does not know any side-effects and there is no risk for addiction.

CBD and THC are the best known and most common cannabinoids of the Cannabis plant. Both have a effect, though THC is prohibited in many countries and CBD is not. CBD also is present in industrial hemp. THC is psychoactive and CBD is not.

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The effect of CBD
A lot of studies has been performed on CBD already, many of these studies have been performed in a lab and not yet on large groups of people. Also, there have been studies on animals. The studies are promising, though a lot of research still has to be done on the effects of CBD. Still there are reliable sources at this moment that communicate positively about the effects of CBD. 

The use of CBD
We always advice to read the label and the product description on our website. Here you can find the most recent information we have about the product. CBD is a relatively new product for which too few large clinical studies have been done, therefore it is not a medicine but a food supplement. Due to the lack of these studies, producers cannot make any medical claims and the advices about the use is limited. 

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Our general advices for the use of CBD are:
1: Start with a low dosage, for example 1 drop CBD oil or 1 capsule and increase this until the desired effect is reached. Do not surpass the maximum recommended dosage of the producer.

 One normally starts to notice the short-term effects of CBD oil within 15 minutes and the effect will last for several hours. Think about relaxing effects. To notice the long-term effects of CBD, CBD needs to be used for at least several weeks.

 For the use of CBD oil we recommend to always shake the oil before use. After that you place the drops under the tongue or on a tea spoon. The taste of the CBD oil differs per product though the plant extracts itself have a bitter taste that you sometimes taste in the oil. If you cannot support the taste then CBD oil drops can also be applied on a sandwich and consumed in this way. Because CBD now will be taken up by the stomach and intestines it will take somewhat longer until the oil starts to work and the effects become noticeable.

4: CBD has no side-effects with normal use, is not addictive and is not psycho-active. Buy CBD Oil in our store.

The dosage of CBD
It is difficult to indicate the right dosage of CBD. This can differ per person. Therefore, we always advise to start with a small dose, and then slowly building up the dose till the desired effect is reached. 

With CBD oil one can start with 1 drop three times per day. If little effect is experienced then the dose can be increased with 2 drops every time. You can increase the dose up to the maximum that is indicated on the label of the product itself.

The recent investigations that have been done on CBD used a dosage of 1mg to 800mg CBD per day. 

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Manual CBD Oil products
Overdose of CBD is very unlikely - a study of "Current Drug Safety" shows that a dosage of 1500mg per day does not have negative effects on humans and animals. Also for high doses CBD has no influence on physiological parameters (heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature). Furthermore, the chronic use of high doses of CBD (till 1500 seems to be well supported by humans). 

Shelf-life of CBD oil
Review the shelf-life on the label of the product. You can best store CBD products in a cool, dry and dark place. Normally the oil stays well for more than 1 year if stored in a closed package.

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This article has been elaborated very carefully, we can however not be hold responsible for the correctness and completeness of the information. The article is partially based on the following sourced.