The history of Non-profit organization Medical Marijuana ('Stichting Medi-Wiet')
Already for years the founder Wernard Bruining had “Medical Marijuana” in mind. At first, this concerned the medical use of cannabis. He was working on the two-side effectiveness of cannabis. Both physically and mentally, cannabis has an effect on the human body. He started to think about his, after being introduced by accident to a pure joint in America. Cannabis without tobacco.

Non-profit organization Medical Marijuana was then founded by Wernard Bruining with the aim to raise awareness of the medicinal character of cannabis in mainstream medicine. He worked his whole life in the cannabis sector and he was owner of the first coffee shop in Amsterdam (Mellow Yellow) and later of Positronics, the first grow shop of the Netherlands.

Run from the Cure
After seeing Rick Simpson's YouTube movie “Run from the Cure” in which he produces pure marijuana oil, Wernard tried to reproduce this. Rick Simpson's method turned out to be a very dangerous one. Wernard succeeded in reproducing a thick THC oil, but he spilled some oil and he licked it up.

Special ‘high'
After consuming the spilled oil, he experienced something total new. After 40 years of smoking marijuana he experienced a very special high. It is a very different effect compared to smoking a joint with tobacco, and this resulted in a new inspiration. He realized this should be for everyone and that everyone should be able to produce this. This could help a lot of people.

Self-reliance comes first
A more simple, but most of all safer way to produce THC oil. Another problem was dosing the thick THC oil. After several experiments, some of which successful and others not, he discovered a safe way to make THC oil. This with the help of "everyday" utilities you can simply buy in a shop. To dose the THC oil properly, you can use olive oil as diluent. CBD oil easily dissolves in olive oil, and the taste is nice as well. By making use of everyday utilities, Medical Marijuana ensures that everybody can make this at home. Non-profit organization Medical Marijuana attaches a lot of importance to this self-reliance.

Popular medicine
After developing the right production process of the oil, then setting up the corresponding website, the writing of articles, it became known in the country that there was an oil that can contribute to the well-being of people. Studies and reports of users show that the marijuana oil has positive effects on the endocannabinoid system, a system that is part of everyone's body.

More and more people turned to Non-profit organization Medical Marijuana to share their positive experiences. It was getting busier and later on Wernard even went to visit people to make videos in which users tell about the positive effects of marijuana oil on their lives. Thanks to these movies, which were massively shared on Facebook and Social Media, the marijuana oil of Non-profit organization Medical Marijuana get even more popular. This resulted in an increasing demand for good medicinal marijuana oil.

The marijuana oil the way Wernard makes it, is illegal in all of Europe. The THC oil therefore cannot be sold through the original distribution channels. This oil can only legally obtained by making it yourself. Non-profit organization Medical Marijuana really did go a step further than only bringing forth the positive effects of marijuana oil.

CBD oil
The CBD oil of non-profit organization Medical Marijuana is also called Golyoli. This is the legal variant for the previously mentioned marijuana oil. The 1.5% Golyoli (CBD oil) of Non-profit organization Medical Marijuana in which the cannabinoids CBD & CBDA are present, are freely available in the Netherlands. Of course we also sell Golyoli in our shop in different volumes, varying from 10ml up to 50ml. This CBD also has proven its positive effect on a variety of symptoms and can provide a wholesome effect on both mind and body.

Making marijuana oil yourself
Wernard is a strong advocate of self-reliance. He has fine-tuned his first method to make marijuana oil yourself, and designed a new device for this. By making use of this instrument, everybody can make marijuana oil in a safe and secure way.

The Cannolator is the perfect instrument to make marijuana oil yourself. With this device it takes about 2 hours before the oil is ready. Because you make it yourself with ingredients you choose yourself, you know exactly what you use every time. This way, you can use the product every time in the same way with the same strength. After trying this out a couple of times, you'll master the process and obtain the results you want. You will produce the oil that fits your needs in the best way.

Non-profit organization Medical Marijuana has a true cannabis clinic in Haarlem and at this place, Wernard also provides seminars about the use of medical marijuana and how to make it yourself.

Of course topics such as the background of cannabis, how it works and why it works are touched. There is also space for questions, so people can learn from each other. Sharing of experiences is of course very important. Non-profit organization Medical Marijuana has its own YouTube canal for which they filmed these experiences.

Pure medical marijuana oil
By making medical marijuana oil yourself, you meet your own needs. Being self-sufficient is a real priority of "Non-profit organization Medical Marijuana". Nature provided us a plant that can help us medicinally, so let's make us of that.

Future of Medical Marijuana oil
There are many ongoing developments in the cannabis market. One thing is sure; Non-profit organization Medical Marijuana will always be at the forefront in helping people by providing them the right information and products. A good example of this is that is now possible to buy cutting waste in coffee shops in e.g. Haarlem with a discount. The cutting waste contains THC and is perfectly suitable for the production of your own medical marijuana.

Products Non-profit organization Medical Marijuana
Of course we have products from Non-profit organization Medical Marijuana in your shop. A brief summary:

  • CBD oil,
  • CBD paste,
  • CBD cream,
  • Hemp seed oil,
  • Cannolator.

CBD oil Non-profit organization Medical Marijuana
The oil of Non-profit organization Medical Marijuana is also called Golyoli and is available at the Dutch Headshop in the following variants:

  • 10 ml
  • 20ml (bigger bottle)
  • 30ml (3 bottles 10ml)
  • 50ml (5 bottles 10ml)

CBD paste Non-profit organization Medical Marijuana
The CBD paste is a sturdier product than the oil, and can be dosed with the syringe that contains the paste. Medical Marijuana's CBD paste is strongly concentrated and has a CBD percentage of a good 9.5%.

Non-profit organization Medical Marijuana's cream
The non-profit organization has a special CBD cream that is often used for different skin softening purposes.
Hemp seed oil Non-profit organization Medical Marijuana
Hemp seed oil with additional CBD combines the best of hemp seed oil and the CBD oil of Non-profit organization Medical Marijuana. The hemp seed oil is available in 100ml and 250ml vials with handy measuring cup.

This Cannabis extract is also available at Dutch Headshop, to make your own (medicinal) marijuana oil without effort.

We can certainly say that Non-profit organization Medical Marijuana is a well-known and respected brand. That's exactly the reason we included their products in our product assortment.

The information on this page about the use of cannabinoids (CBD) is meant to help people choose when they want to use cannabis as self-medication. Our explicit advice is to ALWAYS first consult your DOCTOR. We do not make any medical claims and the information on this page is not meant to diagnose, treat or heal a disease.