Cannolator Cannabis Extractor Basic - Making Cannabis Oil (Medi-Wiet)

Cannolator Cannabis Extractor Basic - Making Cannabis Oil (Medi-Wiet)

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Want to make cannabis oil in an easy way? Then choose the Cannolator by Stichting Medi-Wiet (Medical cannabis foundation) now. It allows you to effortlessly make your own THC oil, cannabis oil or cannabis oil. The advantage is that you can make a cannabis oil extraction within two hours. You always have the same strength with this. It is pure and pure. You also need 50% less alcohol. To give you an idea of the proportions: 20 grams of cannabis yields about 2 grams of pure cannabis oil.

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Want to make your own cannabis oil? The perfect tools to do that with are all in this box. With the Cannolator, you can easily make your own cannabis oil using alcohol extraction. The great thing about the cannolator is that you can always make oil of the same quality and it's super easy. This basic kit contains all the tools to make your own cannabis oil. Most of what you need is in this box. You only need to purchase pure consumption alcohol and cannabis or cutting waste yourself.

Why the Cannolator Basic:

  • Make oil by alcohol extraction in about 2 hours
  • Always the same strength
  • Pure and pure; you know exactly the composition
  • 50% less alcohol needed than other methods
  • Make your own cannabis oil with the Cannolator

With the cannolator you can make your own cannabis oil. More and more people are looking for ways to safely make their own cannabis oil. Now this alcohol extraction method is one of the most commonly used ways to make that cannabis oil yourself. You can buy a cannolator, all you have to do is order alcohol and you're done. Oh well, of course you need weed or cutting waste.
Want to know more about making your own cannabis oil with the cannolator or the triple attachment? Watch the video at the bottom of the page.

Cannabis or cannabis oil is not legal

There are many stories going around the Internet about the medicinal powers of cannabis. Unfortunately, we cannot give you any information about this. The videos on the Internet are cases in themselves and no guarantee. There have been no clinical studies and therefore we cannot and will not say anything about this.

How can you make your own oil?

On our website you can also find an extensive manual on how to make the oil, as well as a movie on how this is done. However, below is a short step-by-step plan to give you an idea:

  • You take some finely ground weed.
  • You fill the included (larger) extraction tubes.
  • You put these extraction tubes in the cannolator.
  • Add 6x the weight of alcohol to each tube.
  • Put the large jug under the cannolator and drain the extraction tubes.
  • Put the cup in a baby bottle warmer or in a pan on an electric stove. (Do not use an open flame if you are working with alcohol).
  • When a smooth liquid remains after about 2 hours, the paste is ready.
  • Then dilute the extract with a vegetable oil of your choice. Preferably hemp seed oil.

Paste Extract Diluting

So with a cannolator, you make your own highly concentrated paste. This must be diluted. You can add olive or hemp seed oil yourself. You can do this to your own liking, of course. You can make the extract and then the oil as strong as you want.

Recommendation Weed Oil Dilution

There is a recommended dilution method. Diluting is based on the paste that is made.

  • 5x dilute = 1 bottle 10ml = regular strength.
  • 10x dilute = 2 bottles 10ml = sensitive individuals.
  • 15x dilute = 3 bottles 10ml = maintenance dose.

Hemp Seed Oil or Olive Oil

The taste of the oil is important, of course. Many oils do not taste very good, but this also has to do with the oil added as dilution. Here you can choose hemp seed oil or olive oil. However, we recommend hemp seed oil because it also contains many healthy omega fatty acids.

Package Contents:

  • 1x Cannolator standard
  • 2x Extraction tubes made of impact-resistant and heat-resistant borosilicate glass
  • 1x Measuring cup 250 ml
  • 3x Pipette bottles 10 ml
  • 1x Customized cleaning pen
  • 1x Brush
  • 1x Long spoon (21 cm)
  • 1x Instructions

About Mediwiet Foundation

In addition to selling Medi-Wiet's patented CBD oil Golyoli, Medi-Wiet Foundation also offers hemp seed oil, hemp tea and ointment, among other products. All of these cool products can be found at Dutch-Headshop. One very special product is the Cannolator. This is a complete device that allows you to make your own cannabis oil. The Medi-Wiet Foundation also organizes courses in making cannabis oil for personal use with the Cannolator. At Dutch-Headshop, everyone is certified in making cannabis oil. Get advice from our experts.

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