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Handy measuring cups for mixing and dosing your plant nutrition. Available with a content of 50 ml or 100 ml. Perfect for measuring small amounts of plant nutrition before mixing it through the nutrient water. Also useful to adjust the pH-value (acidity) before you give the mixture to your sensitive weed plants. Read the product description for a short guideline. These measuring cups are made of sturdy plastic and are resistant to all types of plant nutrition so that they can last a lifetime.

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When measuring plant nutrition, it is important to be precise. A small amount of, for example, 5 ml flowering stimulator cannot be measured with the bare eye. That is why these measuring cups are very handy.

  • Mix and dose your plant nutrition with surgical precision
  • Made of sturdy plastic
  • Available in two sizes: 100 ml and 50 ml
  • Useful to adjust the pH value after adding plant nutrition

Adjusting the pH value

The pH value or acidity of the soil is important for your weed plant because the roots only absorb the nutrients at a certain value. For growing in the soil, a pH value of 6.0 to 6.5 is your guideline. Do you grow in coconut or other form of hydroponics? Then a pH of 5.8 to 6.0 is required. You adjust the pH value upwards by adding tap water (dilute). Tap water is often alkaline, so you rarely need to adjust the pH upwards with additives. To adjust the pH downwards you use a little pH-min of Plagron (recommended products). You always adjust the pH value downwards only after you have added the plant nutrition to the feeding water. To measure the pH value of your nutrition and water, you can use the pH meter in the recommended products.

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Content 50 ml / 100 ml
Brand Merkloos
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Measuring Cup

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