Dream herbs. Plants, seeds and herbs that help you dream better. More dreaming, better remembering and even control of your dreams. Great promises. Does it really work? We have tested them and would like to share the results with you. Read how often we set the alarm clock on one night, and some bizarre nightly fantasies of the Dutch-Headshop crew.

What are Lucid Dreams?

Lucid dreams are dreams you have control over. Such a dream that you control, often arises in a short moment of realization. Suddenly, you see something strange that can't be real, and you know you are dreaming. Sometimes you wake up, but sometimes the dream continues even while you know you are dreaming. Then, you are suddenly able to walk through your dream like a superhero. Cool, right?

The Advantage of Lucid Dreams

Benefits can be recreational and can be beneficial with nocturnal problems. Dreams can also have a more sinister side. You've probably had a nightmare. People with PTSD (post-traumatic stress syndrome) can relive the same nightmares every night. Imagine you can say goodbye to that, once and for all...

And the Disadvantage?

Do lucid dreams have a disadvantage? The only drawback attached to practicing lucid dreams is that you have to set your alarm clock more often. This is necessary to wake you up during your dream, so you remember your dream better.


You often got nightmares? Keep them under control with lucid dreams.

Are Lucid Dreams the Newest Sleep Rage?

No. We have been dreaming since time immemorial. Controlling dreams exists about as long as we dream. Internet blogs on (lucid) dreaming, emerge like mushrooms in autumn. By spreading this on the web, we discover there is much more to learn about our sleep.

As far as indigenous peoples are concerned, lucid dreaming is not a fad. They even eat, smoke and drink all kinds of natural products that would influence the dream. To us, that sounds more like a kind of smart drugs. Reason enough to test it out.

Dream Herbs

Dream herbs: Natural products that generate dreams.

Dream herbs

The fact nature can help us with dreaming, seems great to us. There are many herbs and supplements available online claiming that you can not only remember your dreams, but can also control them. Some are simply called "Dream Herb", while other herbs are unpronounceable. We have laughed at Ubhubhubhu in the corridors. The burning question is: is it true? Do these herbs really work?

The Test

We have done a test with 10 different herbs and supplements. Some herbs had unique qualities, while others did nothing. We have tested the following herbs and supplements:

Ten dream herbs, a room with some beds, and a Dutch-Headshop nightcap to arm ourselves against nightmares. We have eaten all dream herbs separately, or made tea from them. In most cases, it turned out to be sufficient to provoke effects on one's night's rest. You can also smoke a handful of herbs such as Calea, or put it into the vaporizer for lucid dreaming in overdrive. That's not what we did during this test.


The Results of Our Dream Test

We have tested the dream herbs on a variety of aspects with 4 people. Is the capacity to remember your dream improved, did we got clearer dreams, is sleeping easier, or is it easier to dream lucid? Which dream herbs work best? We have put together a top five for you, with the best results.

Top five herbs for lucid dreaming:

  1. African Dream Herb (Entada rheedii) - For intense dreams and remembering
  2. Dream Herb (Calea zacatechichi) - Increase of sleep quality and lucid dreaming
  3. African Dream Root (Silene capensis) - Easier sleeping and more intense dreams
  4. Valerian (Valeriana officinalis) - Easier sleeping, improved sleep quality
  5. Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) - For intense dreams and remembering

Also tested:

  • Mukanya Kude / Fever Tree (Acacia Xanthophloea) - Sound in dreams, super intense
  • Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) - Remembering dreams, lucid dreaming
  • Ubhubhubhu (Helinus integrifolius) - Remembering dreams
  • Devil's Claw (Harpagophytum Procumbens) - Not recommended - palpitations
  • CBD Night by Hemplife (Melatonin supplement with CBD) - Easier sleeping, improved sleep quality

Herbs we have not tested, but may have an effect, are:


The seeds growing in this giant pod help you with lucid dreaming.

Experiences with Dream Herbs

Read some of our experiences with dream herbs. Warning: bizarre stories.

Colleague 1 - Strong tea of ​​10 grams Fever Tree

I was standing with a thick winter coat on the sidewalk at a well-known bridge in my hometown. I stood up with a hood with my back against a wall of a close by building. I walked to the bridge because it was a darker place. Strange, because it was a kind of negative attraction. Suddenly: a beautiful starry sky.


There was a black presence on my right; a kind of black mass. The moment I realized that someone might walk over the bridge, that happened too. The pedestrian walked against me, stumbled over me and pushed me away. The unrecognizable person scared me with a kind of "boo" sound. The dream turns into reality and I wake up. I lie in bed and I am afraid of the dark room I am lying in.

Colleague 2 - Eating white parts of a half African Dream Herb

The mountains. Snow. On the way to a camp where I would pitch the tent on top of a mountain, as a kind of base camp. Sharp peaks. I wake up and wonder if it was real. The dream was so clear. Shortly afterwards I fall asleep again. The dream continues.


A typical alpine path. I was told I should walk quickly, but wait at the top for those with whom I am walking through the mountains. "Sweet," my wife thought. I wake up again and I am amazed it is 5 hours later. The sense of time was completely gone. I turn around, and the shutters are closed. The dream continues.

I look at a gorge or cave. It's busy here. Everywhere people stand and walk around, and don't seem to know the way. There is a passage where you can crouch through. People are struck with astonishment when I show I do know the way; like seeing an elephant flying. No response, I am not being followed; but simply being stared at by all those people in the gorge. I suddenly have wet feet.

Conclusion: Dream Herbs Do Really Work

We did not expect it. Dream herbs really help with dreaming. Admittedly, we have not experienced a lucid dream during this test, but that is not something you can quickly learn or do. However, we have created a road map we have used ourselves to induce lucid dreams, which we'll dive into in a following article. Stay tuned!