Positronics was founded in 1985 by Medical marijuana pioneer Wernard Bruining. Nowadays, Positronics is synonymous with both legendary strains as well as new, feminized types of CBD seeds.

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Northern Haze Auto (Positronics) 5 seeds
Caramelice (Positronics) 5 seeds Cup Winner
Purple Haze #1 (Positronics) 5 seeds Cup Winner

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CBD+ Critical #47 (Positronics) 5 seeds

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The name Positronics we know from the first real shop dedicated to ideological home growing. In 1985 this shop was founded by Medical marihuana pioneer Wernard Bruining. He is also the former owner of the first coffee shop in Amsterdam, the Mellow Yellow. Positronics stopped as a shop in Amsterdam in 1996. The brand, as seed bank, continued in Spain where all original and legendary strains were preserved and en complemented with new feminized strains.