Passion Flower cut [Passiflora incarnata] (Indian Elements) 50 grams

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Passion flower is a herb that helps you get a good night’s rest and relaxes your body. It has a positive influence on your sleeping behaviour but at a higher dosage this beautiful flower can also act as a hallucinant. Use it in a vaporizer (approximately 154°C) or make tea with it. It’s a good idea to start off with a low dosage given that little is known about the precise effects. You get 50 grammes of passion flower in a packet from Indian Elements.

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Passion flower is a climbing plant with amazing flowers. The leaves, bark and flowers can promote better quality sleep and deep relaxation. This herb can also be mildly hallucinogenic in high dosages.

Properties of Shredded Passion Flower:

  • Suitable for making tea
  • The herb can be vaped
  • Can have a hallucinatory effect in large quantities
  • Relaxing effect
  • 50 grammes per packet

Passion Flower tea

This herb can be used to make tea from. Just add a few grams to a cup of steaming hot water. It becomes a relaxing tea that can also prove effective against anxiety attacks. Recommended is to use no more than 4 cups of Passion flower tea per day.

What Temperature for the Vaporizer?

You can vape passion flower (Passiflora incarnata) at a temperature between 150°C and 175°C. Can you set your vaporizer to a precise temperature? In that case, set it to 154°C. A few drags are enough to get the relaxing effects. Several sessions are needed to get the narcotic and euphoric effects. Combines well with chamomile and lavender. Be careful with other combinations.

Passion Flower History

The Passion flower has been used for centuries during the times of the Mayas and the Incas. They used the Passion flower as a medicine against nerve pains and restlessness. The Mayas also used the passion flower as a sedative and blood purifying medicine.

Preparation and use Passion flower

Add 2 grams to boiling hot water. (About 150ml) Then let it steep for half an hour. Do not drink more than 4 cups a day. If you want a lightly hallucinating effect, then add 15 grams of passion flower to boiling water. It is recommended to refrain from driving a car and operating machines after using it. Do not use when pregnant and/or breastfeeding.

Indian Elements

The Indian Elements brand stands for the distribution of natural plants and extracts which can influence us positively in one way or another. From stimulating cola nut to aphrodisiacal damiana. You will find both uppers and downers in the range but also aphrodisiacs and mildly psychedelic herbs from around the world. Many of these herbs have been used by indigenous peoples for thousands of years. Now they can be ordered easily online at Dutch Headshop. Enjoy the power of nature!

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Passion Flower cut [Passiflora incarnata] (Indian Elements) 50 grams

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