Auto Banana Blaze (Dutch Passion) 3 seeds

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This weed plant, with its aroma of tropical fruit, has a colourful palette of leaves. The colours tell you exactly whether the plant needs feeding or water. This makes the cultivation of Auto Banana Blaze simple because, although it is quite resilient, it changes the colour of its leaves faster than other weed plants. And that’s good news for novice growers because you can intervene more quickly and keep your plant in tip-top condition for the harvest. Speaking of which, it’s not bad. Up to 150 grammes per square metre after drying and full of THC!

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A weed plant for beginners who want to gain experience in feeding and watering through the fast, colour-changing leaf. Give Auto Banana Blaze what she needs and you’ll be rewarded with a high yield brimming with THC!

Characteristics of Auto Banana Blaze:

  • Autoflower
  • Colourful leaf
  • Fantastic plant for beginners who really want to learn
  • Grows like a compact Christmas tree full of aromatic buds
  • 3 feminised seeds
  • Very high THC percentage and beta-myrcene for a knock-out stoned effect.

Taste and Effects

Banana! The combination of terpenes and flavonoids in this plant gives it the aroma and taste of tropical fruit such as bananas and mangoes. With undertones of flowers and cinnamon. And that also adds to the effect. The combination of the high THC percentage and the aroma of mango and banana produced by the substance beta-myrcene in this weed will make you pleasantly relaxed. No, that’s an understatement. You’ll simply be utterly stoned.

Growth and Yield

Wouldn’t it be great if a weed plant told you everything you need to know. In particular, when you’re starting to cultivate weed for the first time, it’s often not that easy to tell when a plant needs feeding and with what. Enter Auto Banana Blaze! This is a weed plant that clearly shows you when it needs to be fed and when it needs water (or has had too much). This is because its leaves change colour faster than other plants. 

You can find out what the changes in colour mean in our blog recognising deficiencies.

This Afghani kush grows into a compact Christmas tree with sticky buds full of resin within 12 weeks. The yield is around 150 grammes per plant outdoors and a maximum of 150 grammes per square metre indoors.

Specifications for Auto Banana Blaze Weed Seeds:

  • Genetics: Banana Blaze x Ruderalis
  • Indica / Sativa: Indica-dominant autoflower hybrid
  • Location: indoor cultivation, outdoor cultivation or greenhouse cultivation
  • From seed to harvest: maximum 12 weeks
  • Average flowering period within: 7 to 8 weeks
  • Taste: Spicy, flowery and natural banana
  • Effect: heavily stoned and calming – outstanding evening weed!
  • THC: very high
  • CBD: low
  • Seeds: 3 feminised seeds
  • Outdoor yield: 150 grammes per plant under ideal conditions (dry)
  • Indoor yield: 150 grammes / m2 (dry)
  • Autoflower: Yes

*The above figures are averages.

Use a vaporizer

We recommend to always use a vaporizer for medical use. A vaporizer is a healthier way to enjoy the cultivated plants. In our webshop we have a huge range of high-quality vaporizers available from stock.

Dutch Passion

The Amsterdam Dutch Passion officially opened its doors in 1987, but the extensive cannabis genetics that formed the basis for the Dutch company dates back to the 1970s. Dutch Passion stands for expertise and Dutch pride. Dutch Passion's expert growers are the inventors of feminized cannabis seeds and they recently stepped into the flourishing world of CBD oil. For good reasons Dutch Passion won more than 50 Cannabis Cups with their world-famous cannabis genetics.

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GTIN 9300012604922
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Brand Dutch Passion
Number of seeds 3
Family (Genetics) Indica Dominant
Type Kush
Gender and Autoflower Autoflower and Feminised
Indoor / Outdoor Indoor, outdoor and greenhouse
From seed to Harvest (Autoflower) 12 weeks or langer
Average Flowering Time 7-8 weeks
Average height 50-100 cm
Maximum Height (approximately) 100
Harvest month May to August (Autoflower)
Difficulty Average
Effects Relaxing, Soothing, Strong Stoned
Mood Evening, Socialize
Taste Banana, Flowers, Savoury
Max. Yield Indoor (grams / m2) 150
Max. Outdoor yield (gram / plant) 150
THC percentage (average) 20
CBD percentage (average) 0.10
THC:CBD Ratio More THC than CBD
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Auto Banana Blaze (Dutch Passion) 3 seeds

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