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Looking for marijuana seeds with a high level of wholesome CBD? Stop looking around, CBD Crew has the genetics for marijuana plants with a CBD percentage of up to 15%.


  • CBD Yummy
  • CBD Medi Haze
  • CBD Therapy
  • MED GOM 1.0 Autoflower

CBD-rich Cannabis Strains

CBD Crew is an international collaboration project between seed developers Jorge Cervantes and Howard Marks from Mr. Nice Seeds, with Jaime from Resin Seeds and Scott Blakey from Shantibaba. As the name suggests, the CBD Crew focuses on the development of cannabis strains with a high level of CBD. Since 2009 they have been working together to develop strains with a 1-to-1 CBD-THC ratio.

What is CBD?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol and is, next to THC, the best known of the more than 85 already known cannabinoids. Some of the wholesome CBD properties are: Easier to relax, as a remedy for nausea, taking away nervousness and falling asleep more easily. Research has shown that CBD can help in case of epileptic seizures, anxiety and rheumatic symptoms. All marijuana seeds developed by CBD Crew have been developed and cultivated under natural conditions and are thoroughly tested for its THC and CBD content.


The CBD Crew often works together with other renowned producers of quality seeds. For example, the Crew collaborates with Dutch Passion to develop the CBD Skunk Haze; a CBD-rich, 50/50 hybrid Indica Sativa plant, that won the 1992 cannabis cup. This tall plant develops large buds with an aroma reminding of citrus, pine and mint. In a later collaboration with Grass-O-Matic, "the Crew" developed the king of CBD-rich plants, the MED GOM 1.0. This spicy autoflowering medical marijuana plant remains quite a bit smaller and is suitable for indoor, outdoor and greenhouse cultivation.

CBD Crew's cannabis seeds

At the Dutch-Headshop we have a colorful collection of cannabis seeds, but the feminized cannabis seeds from the CBD Crew's garden in particular, are cultivated for its medicinal properties and therefore contain high levels of CBD. Therefore, buy marijuana seeds with CBD from the Dutch-Headshop.


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