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Small truffles that are very suitable for microdosing, that is the microdosing pack of McMicrodose. Choose from a pack of 2 x 5 or 2 x 10 grams of fresh magic truffles, so you can take a microdose of 1 gram every three days. You will experience increased creativity, focus or a different way of thinking. Handy if you are stuck in your head for a moment. Microdosing is not the same as tripping. You take a low quantity to experience the benefits but not to lose control or get hallucinations. This pack contains a total of 10 or 20 grams of mexicana truffles. All you have to do is weigh them. See the recommended products for a good scale for a reasonable price.

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Microdosing is all the rage in Silicon Valley. Microdosing truffles is a means of experiencing the benefits of psychedelics without losing control or going on a trip. The objective is to observe the effects over a longer period without impeding your function. How is that achieved? A microdose of magic truffles is such a low dosage that you won’t see patterns or have other kinds of hallucinations, but it will open doors in your brain. It may trigger you to think in a different way and possibly come up with a creative solution to a problem. The highlights of this package:

  • Mexicana Magic Truffles
  • Specially selected mini truffles to make weighing easier
  • 10 or 20 grams - 2 packs each containing 5 of 10 grams of magic truffles
  • Contains psilocybin: get the most out of your brain - Creativity, focus or out-of-the-box thinking

Why a Microdosing Pack?

A 1-gramme dosage of fresh Magic Truffles is the ideal starter quantity for microdosing. It’s not enough to make you trip but it can enhance your focus or creativity in a safe manner. These small Magic Truffles make weighing a microdose of magic truffles easy. You don't have to dry* them or grind them into powder, but you can if you want. Depends on what you like.

Be aware that microdosing truffles are natural products. Consequently, there may be slight differences in the amount of psilocybin per dosage. After all, it’s an unprocessed, natural product. You could standardise a larger amount and be able to work more precisely by going through the whole rigmarole of drying*, weighing and grinding magic truffles, but why bother? There’s a lot easier way!

*Read the disclaimer on this page about the legality of processing (drying) magic truffles and magic mushrooms.

Microdosing is not tripping

Because you are taking extremely low doses of microdosing truffles, it’s not possible for them to cause you to trip. For this to occur, you would simply need a lot more. You are not recommended to take all six doses in one go. If you want to experience what a trip is like, it’s more economical to buy a larger pack of Magic Truffles. We explain a thing or two about the effects of Magic Truffles below so that you understand how fascinating and potent the substance you are dealing with is.

The Effects of Magic Truffles

The active substances in Magic Truffles are psilocybine and psilocine. These substances from the tryptamine family resemble the structure of DMT - a powerful, natural hallucinogen that is directly broken down by our body. Psilocybine is broken down slower than DMT. In the meantime, this substance plays all kinds of bizarre games with our brain. How bizarre you trip gets, is in a large way dependent on the dose. Never take more than one container and take th whole dose at once. So never take more if you think it does not work after an hour.

Up to 5 grams of Magic Truffles

A small dose Magic Truffles offers mild visual effects and gives a relaxed feeling. Color and sound become more intense and philosophical thoughts arise.

5-10 grams of Magic Truffles

With an average dose of truffles objects appear to move on their own. With closed eyes, patterns automatically form on your eyelids. Normally your thoughts go through a sort of filter that determines what is and is not 'normal'. Because 5-10 grams of truffles deactivate this filter, you become more creative and the world seems to be different than normal.

10-15 grams of Magic Truffles

Expect kaleidoscopic effects, even with eyes open. Faces and objects have continuous undulating movements. Mild hallucinations occur and you lose the sense of time. With your eyes closed, hallucinations become intense and compelling. Let yourself be swept away and get the feeling that figures are talking to you. Sometimes you seem to be able to hear colors and taste sounds. That is called Synesthesia; senses merge. Talking about merging, you will have the feeling that you are one with the couch or bed on which you are sitting.

15+ grams of Magic Truffles

Be aware that only experienced psychonauts can consider eating a whole container of magic truffles. Everything around you starts to change completely with 15 grams of magic truffles. Emotions flow into each other, so you can be angry and overjoyed at the same time. Time loses its meaning and reality does not exist anymore. It could be that you leave your body and senses can no longer be distinguished from each other. At these doses and strong truffle types like Hollandia, Mushrocks or Dragon’s dynamite, you seem to have the feeling of merging with the universe and past and future all seem to take place at the same time.

Micro Dosing (0,5-1 grams of Magic Truffles)

Now we have described the usual doses, we also want to tell you what to expect when you take just very little magic truffles. So little that you do not start tripping, but that there are side effects. That is called Micro Dosing. When you take half a gram of magic truffles, then you can expect to feel clearer and color and sound become more intense. However, it is definitely not advisable to operate equipment and it is, also with a micro dose, prohibited to participate in traffic.

Don’t combine Magic Truffles with medicines, psychological conditions or alcohol. And that applies to microdoses as well!

Directions for use

Start microdosing preferably on a day when you are free and don’t have any commitments Open up one package of truffles in the morning. Weigh 1 gram of magic truffles on an accurate scale like the precision scale in the recommended products. You can simply put it in your mouth and chew. It tastes like a strong variety of rocket salad - earthy and herbal with a slightly bitter aftertaste. You may well not like it. In that case, simply wash it down with a glass of water. Preferably not with any acidic juice as that may have a negative influence on its effect.

Take 1 gramme (1 dosage) every 3 days. So, on day 1, take one dosage. On day 2 and day 3, you don’t take any. On the second day you may experience some side effects. You could feel tired or easily irritated, but nothing too serious. Day three is a normal day. On day 4, you repeat the schedule. Missing out the days is important because your body quickly builds up a tolerance. That is normal.

Store the closed and open magic truffle package in the refrigerator.

Content of the package

  • Small: 2 packages each containing 5 grams of Mexicana Magic Truffles
  • Big: 2 packages each containing 10 grams of Mexicana Magic Truffles

Please note: this product cannot be returned as it has a limited shelf life.

SKU G-2346-2914
Availability In Stock
Brand McMicrodose
Variety Psilocybe Mix
Lineage The Netherlands
Species Unknown
Effect onset 30-60 min.
Trip duration Dependent on microdosing schedule
Effect Boost in productivity, Creative, Thinking out of the box
Microdosing recommended Yes
Potency Light
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