Capsules empty vegetarian 100 caps (size 0: ~500 mg)

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It's true. For many healthy herbs, you're purely after the beneficial effects. Many don't want to experience their taste. Still, it's a shame not to take these herbs and thereby miss out on the many health benefits. These empty capsules are extremely convenient for not having to experience any uncomortable flavors. On top of that, you get a perfect dose. Note: not suitable for oil or other liquids.

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The perfect vegetarian capsules to make your own medicines or supplements. The capsules are tasteless and without smell, have the perfect shape and are also very easy to fill. These capsules are also suitable for use with a capsule maker size "0" annex 500mg.

High quality capsules:

  • Content up to~ 500 mg
  • Capsule size: "0"
  • Perfect shape
  • Tasteless and odorless
  • Without preservatives
  • Free of allergens
  • GMO free
  • Kosher and Halal
  • Note: not suitable for oil or other liquids

Why empty capsules?

It's true. For many healthy spices you purely go for the effect, you don't want to experience the taste. Still, it's a shame not to take these herbs and thereby miss out on the many health benefits. These empty capsules are extremely convenient when you would like to dose perfectly and don't want to suffer from its taste.

What can you put in the capsules?

In fact, these capsules can basically contain any kind of herb, supplement or powder you can think of. Our customers use it for microdosing with magic truffles, Herbs of the Gods herbs and sports supplements such as creatine. The possibilities are endless and are only limited by the user itself.

Perfect for microdosing

A new trend coming from United States is microdosing. Briefly, it means taking a very small dose of psychedelics such as mushrooms or truffles. Dry these psychedelics, grind them into powder and fill the capsules for the perfect microdose.

How do you fill empty capsules?

Filling is very easy. The empty capsules are made of two separate parts that together form the capsule, a long part and a short part.  Make sure your herbs are ground sufficiently fine and fill the longer part of the capsule with herbs. Put back the shorter part and the capsules are ready.

Capsule maker

You would like to make 24 capsules at once in an easy and quick manner? Order a convenient capsule filling machine. Be sure to order the right size because several types of capsules and filling machines are available on the market. When thinking of a capsule filling machine, don't imagine a room-filling machine with steam and a lot of industrial noise. Most capsule filling machines are made of plastic, not bigger than a small "conefiller", suitable for four cones. The principle of the filling machine is very much the same.

Capsule Connection

The company Capsule Connection is already active in the empty capsule market since 1975. They specialized in the production of high-quality, vegetarian empty capsules in different sizes. We sell capsule sizes 0 and 1, which represent a 500mg and 400mg content.

Content of the package

  • 100 empty vegetarian capsules size "0"
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Capsules empty vegetarian 100 caps (size 0: ~500 mg)

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