Hawaiian Baby Woodrose [Argyreia Nervosa] (Mystic Seeds) 10 seeds

Hawaiian Baby Woodrose [Argyreia Nervosa] (Mystic Seeds) 10 seeds
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The Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds can be eaten. In that case, natural tryptamine and LSA will be released. What follows is the experience of a beautiful trip. Users indicate it can be compared with LSD. A trip with Hawaiian baby woodrose takes around six to eight hours. Yet, the hours following you might also feel it a bit. The product is best used on an empty stomach. Begin with two or three seeds, experienced users can take four to eight seeds (chew well). You get 10 seeds per packet from Mystic Seeds.

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Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds

The Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds are just like the morning glory part of family Convolvulaceae. The seeds can be eaten while natural tryptamine and LSA (family of LSD) will do his work. Do not think this is something from the smart shop that does not work.

LSA Seeds - Intense Psychedelic Trip

These seeds give you a really good trip. It is not LSD but according to users it is similar. The trip of Hawaiian baby wood rose lasts 6 to 8 hours but after that you can still feel the effects. After consumptions one may be sick or have other stomach problems this happens but will go down after a while.


Use it preferable on an empty stomach. The effect can be influenced by the last meal. It is recommended not to eat for 4 to 6 hours before consumption of the seeds. First timers of Hawaiian baby wood rose should begin with 2 or 3 seeds. Experienced users can take 4 to 8 seeds. Chew the seeds as long as possible.

Here is an alternative recipe for making Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds work better:

  1. Remove remaining peel from the seeds. Afterwards, mince the seeds as finely as possible with scissors or a knife. You can also grind the seeds with a coffee grinder.
  2. Put the minced seeds in a cup or glass. Pour half a glass of hot, not boiling water, into it. It is better to use distilled water because tap and spring water contain minerals that can reduce the working effect of the seeds.
  3. Leave the brew for a minimum of 1.5 hours until it reaches room temperature. The alkaloids only dissolve in the water at the correct temperature.
  4. You can then drink the water with the seeds.

Another method for drinking Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds:

  • Mince the seeds thoroughly
  • Leave minced seeds to soak for about 24 hours in distilled water
  • Filter the water from the seed pulp using a sieve or stockings. If you don’t have either, use a coffee filter.
  • To ensure proper dosage of the beverage, drink it very slowly (20-40 minutes).
  • After every sip of Hawaiian baby woodrose take a few gulps of water of half a glass. This will minimize toxins and reduce possible nausea.


  • 10 Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds

Cultivating Hawaiian Baby Woodrose in the Garden

You can also plant these LSA seeds in the garden. Simply sprinkle (the remaining) seeds on the ground in a sunny place or in partial shade in the middle of May. Cover with 1 to 2 cm of seed or cutting compost. Give plenty of water but not so much that the seeds are washed away. After a few weeks, beautifully coloured flowers will develop on bright green, curly branches. Would you like to have this plant, which is perennial in Europe, survive the winter so that you can enjoy its flowers again the following year? If so, put the plant in a large pot that you can bring indoors in the winter or cultivate this stunning shrub in a greenhouse.

Mystic Seeds

Some seeds are worth planting at home. And these mystical seeds are no exception! Mystic Seeds is a brand that collects plants with special effects from all over the world. Highly hallucinatory, mildly psychedelic and exceptionally relaxing ones, for example. You can also use some of these seeds directly for the desired effect. Create your very own psychedelic vegetable garden with these quality seeds from Mystic Seeds!

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