Psilo-QTest | Psilocybin test for Mushrooms & Truffles (Miraculix)

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The Psilo-Qtest is a mobile rapid test for determining the amount of psilocybin in various materials (mycelium, fruiting bodies, sclerotia, extracts). And it has only a 10% deviation compared to an extremely expensive HPLC test! Within 30 minutes, you will know how much psilocybin your magic mushrooms or truffles contain. Because magic mushrooms and magic truffles are natural products, the concentration can vary quite a bit. The advantage of this test is that you know exactly what you are taking. This way you will experience a trip that better suits your needs and reduce the chance of a bad trip.

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Have you always been pondering how much psilocybin is in our magic truffles or your home-grown mushrooms? Just test it yourself with the Psilo-Qtest. Within 30 minutes from your own living room or kitchen a good indication of the strength of your magic mushrooms and truffles! The Psilo-Q test kit is the only psilocybin test kit you can currently get that can measure a quantity of psilocybin, and it's extremely accurate too! It is less than 10% off the result of a professional lab analysis (HLPC).

Testing Mushrooms or Truffles in 4 Steps

1 Preparation

Before testing, make sure you have everything in order. Take all items from the kit, wash your hands and forearms thoroughly and put on the gloves provided. Work in a clean and sterile environment. So just disinfect your kitchen counter. Weigh out about 150 mg of material*. Heat a litre of water and let it cool slightly. Do not use boiling water, as this will dissolve the psilocybin!

*For reliable results, take the following additional steps. Weigh slightly more than your desired dosage. To do so, use our mushroom and truffle calculator. Add 0.15 grams. Grind this amount of dried mushrooms with a cannabis grinder or fresh truffles with our truffle grinder (recommended products). Make them very fine. Take 0.15 grams (150 milligrams) of this for the test.

2 Extraction

Open the extraction vial, pour in the ground mushrooms or truffles, twist the cap on tightly and shake for 10 seconds. Then let the vial stand for 10 minutes. Repeat this 2 more times. Put the sterifilt on the syringe and suck 1 ml of liquid from the vial. Pull the plunger of the syringe all the way back and hold it; this creates a negative pressure that slowly fills the syringe with liquid. Remove the sterifilt from the syringe, take the cannula and place it on the syringe. Pierce the septum (rubber) of the glass vial with the cannula and inject all the liquid.

Make sure the syringe does not come into direct contact with the liquid in the glass jar. Then fill the syringe (pull back while the syringe is still in the jar). completely with air to avoid overpressure and splashing when you remove the syringe from the vessel.

3 Detection

Put the glass jar in your warm (not boiling!) water. It may be completely submerged. The rubber protects against that. The solution in the jar will now start to change colour, and after 15 minutes you can read the result. Use tongs or pour off the hot water first and leave for a while. The jar can be hot!

4 Evaluation

The contents of your glass jar should now be beige to brown. That's what you need to pay attention to. Using the colour scale, you can now determine how many milligrams of psilocybin are in 1 gram of your dose. Tip: Hold the colour scale and the jar in front of a white piece of paper and judge by daylight (or a lamp with a colour temperature of 6500k). Compare the jar. The closest colour is the concentration.

You can multiply this number by the amount of mushrooms you have left to find the exact concentration of psilocybin:

  • Microdose - 1 mg psilocybin
  • Very light - 2.5 mg psilocybin
  • Light - .5 - 10 mg psilocybin
  • Ordinary - 10 - 25 mg psilocybin
  • Strong - 25 - 50 mg psilocybin
  • Heavy (heroic dose) - 50+ mg psilocybin

For example: 10mg psilocybin in 1 gram = 50mg psilocybin in 5 grams.

A detailed manual can be found in the package.

Side note

Keep the following points in mind for this test:

  • The measured concentration is indicative. As a rule, with 10% deviation from an HPLC laboratory test.
  • This test only measures psilocybin, but magic mushrooms and truffles also contain (lower amounts of) other psychedelic substances such as psilocin, baeocystin and aeruginacin.
  • The concentration is measured from a sample; not from what you actually ingest. One mushroom or truffle may be stronger than another. Mix the dose to be ingested well and measure a sample of that dose.
  • Read in daylight and with white paper as background.
  • Start with a low dose if you haven't taken magic mushrooms or truffles before.

Storage and shelf life

Store the box in the fridge between 2 °C and 8 °C. This way, your stuff will keep for 12 months. The extraction liquid may turn a little yellow after a while, but this does not matter for use.

Box contents

  • Safety gloves
  • Plastic extraction vial with screw cap
  • Glass vial with tight-fitting lid and septum
  • 1 ml syringe
  • Blunt cannula
  • Sterifilt (filter for the syringe)
  • Manual in 4 simple steps + comprehensive guide.

About Miraculix

The psilocybin test was the brainchild of Dr Felix Blei, who developed this beautiful piece of technology for a legal project at Friedrich Schiller University in Jena, Germany. Miraculix developed other drug tests, including also for THC and CBD, MDMA and LSD. Unlike other tests, you can see not only the detectability of these substances but also how much of these active substances are in a sample. This gives you an excellent indication for determining your dosage and you not only take a dose that is useful, but also a safe dose with a smaller chance of a bad trip.

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This test is too subjective to be considered anywhere near accurate. The slightest changes in light orientation and/or intensity yeikd vastly different results while comparing the color vile to the included chart. yield vastly different potency correlates. Perhaps if the manufacturer would create a controlled and standardized viewing method then they might have something. (Maybe a light box environment with a certain watt bulb exactingly positioned) Otherwise it’s a novelty at best. Save yourself the money and time and pass on this until the company can account for these variables. Any claims of color matches are projections and wishful thinking of those who MUST be tripping.
Review by Baron

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