Advanced Nutrients - Revolutionary Plant Nutrition for Cannabis Plants

Advanced Nutrients offers a complete cannabis growth system of fertilizers and stimulants, optimized for all stages of plant development, and is used by growers worldwide for its measurable improvements in yield, potency, and flavor.

Discover the secret behind the top performances of experienced growers with Advanced Nutrients. As the complete cannabis growth system of fertilizers and stimulants, Advanced Nutrients is the foundation of more cup wins than any other brand.

With over two decades of research, Advanced Nutrients offers the only complete cannabis growth system that optimizes all stages of plant development, from seed to withering. This helps your cannabis reach its true genetic potential.

Each product is developed to guarantee maximum results with the highest quality ingredients. Today, growers in more than 117 countries rely on the precision technology and innovation of Advanced Nutrients for measurable increases in yield, potency, and flavor.

The Origin of Advanced Nutrients

Michael 'BigMike' Straumietis revolutionized the industry in 1999 with the founding of Advanced Nutrients: the first and complete growth system exclusively for cannabis plants. From that moment on, cannabis growers could rely on cannabis nutrition for various applications, from traditional in-ground to state-of-the-art hydro and aeroponics.

The mission of Advanced Nutrients is cool: "Strengthening the tops and reputations of top growers." But their vision aligns even better with ours: "Making cannabis an acceptable and everyday part of healing humanity." At Dutch-Headshop, we get goosebumps reading similar visions. We share the same goal. But do Advanced Nutrients products live up to it?

pH Perfect® Base Nutrients

With pH Perfect® base nutrients from Advanced Nutrients, you automatically balance the pH of your cannabis plants. This technology stabilizes your pH between 5.5 and 6.3, keeping it in the optimal range for effective nutrient uptake and healthy plants. Even in demanding hydroponic cultivation, where pH margins are unforgiving.

Whether you grow in coconut fiber, rock wool, standard potting soil, or let the roots dangle in the mist, pH Perfect® base nutrition is your answer. It is a two-component fertilizer that you need to mix together. There is a growth nutrient variant and a bloom nutrient variant.

When you purchase Advanced Nutrients plant nutrition, you invest in science, innovation, and the community.

Here you can find the cultivation schedule and frequently asked questions about Advanced Nutrients plant nutrition.