Autopot automatic watering system

Create an automatic watering system for your cannabis plants easily with AutoPot's water dosing system.

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Easy2Grow expansion set (Autopot)
1 Pot expansion set (Autopot)

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1 Pot Starterset (Autopot)

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Easy2Grow Starterset (Autopot)

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Let your seedlings germinate and grow up in Autopot's automatic watering systems. Create your own growing system for your cannabis plants, and never worry about watering again.

Why choose an automatic irrigation system?

  • Save water and electricity
  • No pumps or timers required
  • Easily expandable from 2 to as many as 5 cannabis plants at a time
  • Silent operation
  • Maximizes your harvest

How does Autopot work?

The AutoPot system automatically supplies your cannabis plants with water thanks to gravity. All pots ensure dosed watering of the cannabis plants via the AquaValve mechanism. All you have to do is fill the tank with water and any additional nutrients.

Autopot 1Pot Starter Set

The 1Pot Starter Set comes with 2 or 4, 15 liter pots. All pots are independently connected to the tank and have their own AquaValve or water dosing system.

Autopot Easy2Grow Starter Set

The Easy2Grow is the smaller brother of the 1Pot, with this starter set it is also possible to choose between 2 and 4 pots of 8.5 liters. The pots of the Easy2Grow are attached to each other, so each 2 pots share a watering system.

Expand easily with the extension sets

Both starter sets are easy to expand thanks to the extension sets, simple connection ensures that with one starter set you have enough to water as many as 5 cannabis plants simultaneously with automatic watering.

AutoPot watering system

AutoPot specializes in automatic watering systems. Thanks to the patented AQUAvalve5 watering module, your cannabis plants always get enough water. Achieve optimal results with AutoPot's modular pots.

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