The Psychedelic Garden

This category has special plant seeds with all kinds of unique characteristics. From the psychoactive Peyote and San Pedro cactus seeds to intense Morning Glory seeds and tobacco plant seeds.

A garden full of exotic plants with wide-ranging effects and applications. This is the dream of many a psychonaut with green fingers. What could be nicer than growing your own tripping herbs? From potent mescaline cacti to the magnificent blue morning glory. Your psychedelic garden can become a reality with us.

Cultivating Natural Psychedelics

Psychedelics are substances which get you into a psychedelic state. All products in this category are designed to get your garden flowering with plants which can fulfil this function. You can cultivate a hallucinogenic kitchen-garden in no time at all! Take for example:

  • Opium Poppy seeds (relax)
  • Peyote Cactus seeds (trip)
  • Ephedra Sinica seeds (energy)
  • Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds (trip)

The plants from these seeds will look great in your garden and you can have other fun with them too! 

Direct Consumption

Some products in this category are also suitable for direct consumption. Hawaiian Baby Woodrose and Morning Glory seeds, for example. Both of these contain the natural tripping substance LSA; a type of chemical precursor to LSD. 2-3 Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds can be enough for a novice tripper to have a unique LSD-like experience. With Morning Glory you need more. Morning Glory starts to take effect from 50 seeds. 400 Morning Glory seeds will give you an unparalleled trip.

Our Peyote cactus is also suitable for direct consumption but you’re better off cutting it up small, drying, dissolving in water and boiling. The drink that’s left over is a powerful hallucinogen and will give you a trip that’s comparable to one with Magic Truffles or 2-CB. 

Every tripping substance has its own qualities and unique characteristics. And from now on the fun starts when you sow them in your garden!