Drugtest for LSD (EZ Test)

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Does this postage stamp indeed contain LSD? Or something else? Now you can test street drugs sold as LSD for yourself with the EZ Test. This means you can be certain that you’re not being dished up with something different from what you expect. This pack contains everything you need to test one sample for the presence of LSD or chemically similar substances. Test that postage stamp now for LSD-25 and other ingredients with the EZ Test! When you buy, you get 1 single-use test.

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What is LSD?

LSD-25 or Acid is a synthetic drug which has been around for a long time ‘on the market’. It is the best known and best researched psychedelic substance. We probably don’t need to tell you that LSD stimulates powerful visual hallucinations.

The full name for LSD-25 is lysergic acid diethylamide. It is a substance from the chemical family of indoles. As well as DMT and psilocybin (the active substance in truffles and shrooms), our pleasure hormone serotonin and sleep hormone melatonin are part of this colourful family. 

Why Test LSD?

LSD does the rounds on tiny little postage stamps. You really don’t need very much to be transported to another dimension and have powerful hallucinations. But the danger with drugs which you buy on the street is that they may contain rubbish. Sometimes a postage stamp contains no LSD at all but something else. 25x-NBOMe, DOI and DOB are commonly seen, cheap substitutes which are sure to give you a bad trip. There’s a good chance you will suffer nasty side effects such as headache, nausea and anxiety attacks and their use can result in a lot worse. There have been several fatal incidents in which the main role was played by 25I-NBOMe.

Just like the natural alternatives such as shrooms, LSD is crazy stuff. It makes you experience reality completely differently. Everything seems to be unfiltered and experienced more intensely. Although illegal LSD inspires weird behaviour and thus you shouldn’t trip with it in public, in itself the substance is not dangerous - the usual dosage has low toxicity and the likelihood of addiction is virtually zero.

LSD vs Truffles

Although it may appear from the above text that LSD is harmless, of course no drug is harmless. Do you want to try LSD once because you’ve heard about it? If so, you’d be better off choosing Magic Truffles. These natural tubers grow under the ground and just like shrooms contain psilocybin. They too give you powerful hallucinations and can be bought at any smartshop. And you know for sure that they contain the correct active substance. Make use of the recommended products on this page and read the product description for one of our Magic Truffles.

What does this LSD Drugs Test Measure?

Using this drugs test, you can find out whether LSD-25 or one of the following other substances is present in a sample:

  • DMT or 4-acetoxy-DMT
  • 5-MeO-DMT, 5-MeO-MiPT or 5-MeO-DiPT
  • Psilocybine and psilocine
  • Melatonin (sleeping pils) and serotonin

Please note: this test is not suitable for showing the purity or strength of a postage stamp. The test only shows whether LSD or other indoles are present in a sample and not how much is present.

How do you Use this EZ Test?

Using this EZ Test takes just a few easy steps.

  1. Open the ampoule with the test reagents.
  2. Place a small bit of your LSD sample.
  3. Add the granule supplied in the cap of the EZ test. This is a catalyst which speeds up the test.
  4. Allow the ingredients to mix.
  5. Check the colour after the reaction and compare it to the supplied guide. Red to purple? The deeper the colour, the more certain you can be that the sample contains LSD or other indoles.

EZ Test for Street Drugs

Drugs sold on the street may contain adulterants or hazardous substances. With the easy-to-use, portable EZ Test, you can be sure that what you bought actually does contain the right substance and no unwanted ingredients.

Packaging Contents

  1. 1 LSD EZ test
  2. Colour chart for comparison
  3. Instructions in English

EZ Test

The purpose of an EZ Test is to assess whether taking (soft) drugs is safe. This handy and highly portable package will give you the test results within a few seconds.

Warning: The EZ Test can provide only an indication of whether certain substances are present. No rights can be derived regarding the test’s accuracy. You can have drugs tested by an official body - this is the only way in which to find out exactly what the ingredients are. Additionally, an EZ test does not tell you how much of an active substance is present. Furthermore, the use of any kind of drugs is entirely your own responsibility.

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