Mammoth Drying Net

Mammoth offers reliable grow accessories, such as adjustable nylon hanging straps, drying nets, and ScrOG nets, designed for both novice and experienced cannabis growers, to safely and effectively organize grow tents for optimal growth and yield.

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Nylon suspension straps (Mammoth) 55cm New!
Cannabis Drying Net | 1 layer 45 cm (Mammoth)
ScrOG net (Mammoth) 60-100cm2

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Adjustable suspension system (Mammoth)

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Ensure everything in your grow tent is securely attached with the strength of a hairy, prehistoric elephant with Mammoth's growing accessories.


Mammoth has extensive experience in grow tents and grow accessories. Mammoth makes products for both beginners and growers with years of experience. Thanks to this approach, they understand what you need as an indoor cannabis grower. Reassure yourself with the grow accessories designed in the Netherlands by Mammoth.

Hanging Straps

In your grow tent, various important, valuable, and not necessarily light components hang. Think of your lighting, the carbon filter, and the fan. Moreover, these components are also hanging right above your vulnerable cannabis plants. For these reasons, it is a wise investment to ensure that everything within your grow tent is well and securely attached. This is where Mammoth's adjustable nylon hanging straps offer you a perfect solution. Be sure of quality and ensure that everything stays exactly where you have attached it!

Drying Net

A drying net is a simple and effective solution for drying cannabis. With one drying net, you quickly have enough space for about 100 to 200 grams of fresh or wet cannabis. This depends on the type of cannabis and the size of the buds. Usage is simple: hang it in a suitable space for drying cannabis, spread the cannabis over the net, and wait 1 to 3 weeks until the cannabis is dry. Do you have limited space or a mega harvest? Mammoth's drying nets are connectable, so you can hang multiple drying nets under each other and save space!

ScrOG Net

ScrOG nets are essential for the 'ScrOG' method, an efficient technique to increase the yield of cannabis plants with minimal effort. ScOG stands for screen of green, or a field of green cannabis plants. This method uses a ScrOG net to guide the branches of cannabis plants, causing them to spread over a larger surface area. This results in better light absorption and leads to larger plants and a higher yield. It is also possible to place multiple plants under one large ScrOG net, making optimal use of the grow space. It is recommended to keep the space between the pots and the walls equal for even growth.

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