The best brands from the Growshop

The Dutch-Headshop Growshop consists of carefully selected products from brands specialized in cannabis cultivation, including nutrients, cultivation tents, lighting, and more.

Find the best products from the cannabis cultivation world in the Dutch-Headshop grow shop. We have made a careful selection of high-quality brands that will help your cannabis plant grow into a cannabis tree.

The Best Growshop Brands

Get the most out of your cannabis seed with our wide range of cannabis cultivation supplies. Discover nutrients from the best brands, high-quality cultivation tents with suitable components including lighting and ventilation with innovative features. Automatic watering systems, sturdy drying and ScroG nets. You'll also find pots, soil, and various types of substrates in our Growshop category.

Plagron Nutrition

Plagron started as a small worm farm in 1992 and is now globally known for high-quality organic products. They offer a wide range of substrates, fertilizers, and additives for growers of all levels, with strict quality controls and certifications.

Advanced Nutrients Nutrition

Advanced Nutrients is a renowned brand in the cannabis industry, offering high-quality nutrients and stimulants for cannabis growers worldwide. With over two decades of experience and a complete growth system, they aim for better yields, potency, and flavor.

BAC Nutrition

BAC is globally known as a producer of plant nutrition, stimulants, and plant enhancers for both organic and traditional cultivation. Since 2000, they have been a leading player in the cultivation industry. BAC specializes in soil life and microorganisms for organic cultivation.

Mars Hydro

The key to Mars Hydro's success lies in a team of dedicated individuals committed to providing the best products and services for indoor growers. Mars Hydro aims to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.


After the creation of the first HOMEbox, there was a demand for these portable indoor cultivation spaces. HOMEbox continues to grow and dedicate itself to product improvement. They are now a leading global supplier of indoor cultivation spaces.


BioTabs, an innovative Dutch research organization and producer of organic fertilizers, has over 35 years of experience in plant cultivation. Their organic approach has led to a richer aroma and flavor of plants. BioTabs stands for simple, effective organic cultivation methods, where nature does most of the work.


Autopot specializes in automatic watering systems of all sizes. Autopot is there for both novice growers and seasoned professionals. Achieve the best results with an optimal wet and dry cycle. Millions of people worldwide have been cultivating with AutoPot's versatile products for years.


ROOT!T products are produced in England, and the brand leads in developing effective and user-friendly products for gardeners. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced grower, ROOT!T is your reliable partner for a strong and healthy start for your cannabis plants.

Royal Queen

Royal Queen Seeds is a well-known seed bank from the Netherlands. In addition to cannabis seeds, RQS also has a line of plant nutrition. They offer a selection of cultivation products that allow you to go through the entire plant cycle.


Mammoth are pioneers in the field of mobile cultivation tents. Mammoth now has an impressive and extensive range of tents, lighting, and cultivation accessories. Mammoth's products are divided into 5 different quality levels suitable for growers of all calibers.

Online Growshop

Find everything you need in one place to achieve a giant cannabis harvest with just a cannabis seed? You can! Discover the comprehensive Dutch-Headshop Growshop where everything from cultivation tents to watering cans can be found. We've already done all the research for you. Check out the Growshop menu and find everything neatly sorted according to your preferences.