Nightingale NN-1 (Medical Marijuana Genetics) 5 seeds

Nightingale NN-1 (Medical Marijuana Genetics) 5 seeds
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Sleep-well-cannabis. That is the best description of Nightingale from Medical Marijuana Genetics. If you are planning to order natural, but feminized CBD-rich cannabis seeds that will help you fall asleep, do not look any further and go for Nightingale (NN-1) from MM Genetics. These fine medicinal cannabis seeds can contain more than 20% CBD. And that's not the only thing. Beautiful flowering purple leaves and the sweet taste of berries are the quirky characteristics of this cannabis plant, while Nightingale still has so many features of its ancestors. Think of high yields and the quality to make you long for your bed.

MM Genetics
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Medical Marijuana Genetics won another cannabis cup with Nightingale (NN-1). This CBD-rich poly hybrid has character features of some of its ancestors. During testing of this Indica-dominant cannabis plant, Nightingale (NN-1) from Medical Marijuana Genetics turned out to contain more than 20% CBD. That’s a new record, even for this seasoned CBD cannabis seed producer! Special about Nightingale cannabis seeds is it is no cultivated strain at all. This is evident from the highly varying THC percentage. For this reason, Nightingale not only feels like a very natural plant, it can also be used to make cuttings and develop it further using your green fingers. We continue to be surprised by MM Genetics and their CBD-rich cannabis seeds.

Features Nightingale (NN-1):

  • Relax, calm down and eventually sleep, and still without a couch-lock!
  • Crossing between the famous Candida CD-1 and a tasty Shiskaberry
  • Strong, resistant outdoor plant perfectly fitting inside a sturdy cupboard or tent
  • High yield: Perfect for home cultivation
  • 5 feminized cannabis seeds
  • 3rd prize in the CBD category Spannabis Champions Cup in 2017 (Madrid)

Growth and yield

Nightingale can stand a breath of wind and less sun, making the plant suitable for outdoor growing into a lush shrub. This does not change the fact Nightingale is also perfect for growing indoors or in a greenhouse. Under ideal circumstances, a square meter can provide 500 grams of soothing weed. Yes, that's no error: Half a kilo.

Nightingale lives up to its name

A few puffs of a Nightingale-filled vaporizer will quickly make you long for your pillow. Nightingale is the perfect evening marijuana that will calm your restless feelings and prepares you for a relaxing night. Sleep-well-cannabis, that's how we call NN-1 at the Dutch-Headshop. Order 5 feminized cannabis seeds from this sting of Medical Marijuana Genetics right here. Many chill-out evenings guaranteed. Walking from the couch to your bed is no problem with Nightingale, as Nightingale won't hit your with the couch-lock effect. This is due to the enormous 20:1 CBD/THC ratio of this cannabis strain.

Specifications Nightingale (NN-1) cannabis seeds:

  • Genetics: Candida (CD-1) x Shiskaberry
  • Indica / Sativa: Indica-dominant
  • Location: Growing indoors, growing outdoors and growing in a greenhouse
  • Flowering period indoors: 9 weeks
  • Taste: Sweet taste of berries - slightly sour and fruity
  • Effect: Perfect for improving your relationship with your bed; therapeutic
  • THC: Varying from 1 to 10%
  • CBD: From 10% to over 20% (!)
  • Seeds: 5 feminized seeds
  • Yield 300 to 500 grams, under optimal conditions
  • Autoflower: No

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Use a vaporizer

We recommend to always use a vaporizer for medical use. A vaporizer is a healthier way to enjoy the cultivated plants. In our webshop we have a huge range of high-quality vaporizers available from stock.

Medical Marijuana Genetics

In comparison to the established cannabis seeds brands, Medical Marijuana Genetics is fresh player on the cannabis seeds market. MM Genetics was founded in 2015 with the aim of making CBD-rich strains with therapeutic properties available to everyone. The prize-winning Candida was tested to contain 20% CBD and only 1% THC. This 20:1 ratio is the highest CBD:THC ratio ever measured in a European strain. Until now, all sorts of cannabis seeds from MMG are rich in CBD and the cannabis plants contain at least 10% CBD. MMG is one of a growing number of seed banks that encourages clients to grow beneficial marijuana varieties for their own use, at places where this is allowed.

Cannabis seeds for personal use

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Additional Information
SKU 1520
Price 49.95
Availability Out of stock
Brand MM Genetics
Number of seeds 5
Family (Genetics) Indica Dominant
Type CBD
Gender and Autoflower Feminised
Indoor / Outdoor Indoor, outdoor and greenhouse
From seed to Harvest (Autoflower) N/A - Non-autoflowering
Average Flowering Time 9-10 weeks
Average height 100-150 cm
Maximum Height (approximately) 180 cm
Harvest month Unknown
Difficulty Average
Effects Medicinal, Relaxing, Soothing
Mood Relax, Good Night Sleep
Taste Berries, Fruity, Sweet
THC percentage (average) 10%
CBD percentage (average) 20%
Max. Yield Indoor (grams / m2) 500 g / m2
Max. Outdoor yield (gram / plant) 500 g / plant
THC:CBD Ratio More CBD than THC

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