Heating Mat for Shrooms Infrared (Private Label) Large

Heating Mat for Shrooms Infrared (Private Label) Large
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It’s not difficult to cultivate shrooms, but for optimal results they can use some assistance. You can increase the yield with this infrared heating mat by creating the ideal growing conditions at home for the shrooms. The green heat mat ensures the ideal temperature (23 ° C). It is extra large, so you can easily put even the largest grow kits on it. You should place a sheet of cardboard or filter booklets between the mat and your grow kit. The mat is safe and ultra-efficient - it uses only 40 Watts! You’ll have more fresh shrooms in no time.



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Grow More Magic Mushroom with a Heating Mat

Shrooms are sensitive little fellows. They need exactly enough heat to be able to grow. You can provide that with this infrared heating mat. The mat radiates heat via invisible infrared light which keeps the heat local. That is energy efficient and a lot safer as well. By using this extra large magic mushroom heat mat you can grow more mushrooms with one grow kit. So you get the investment out of it all the time.

The ideal temperature for mushrooms is about 23 ° C.

Specifications Shroom Heating Mat Large:

  • Heating mat especially for magic mushroom growkits
  • Dimensions: 35 by 20 cm
  • Temperature: 23 ° C (for indirect use)*
  • Power: 40 Watt
  • Provides the ideal temperature for mushroom growing
  • Very efficient way of heating
  • Grow more mushrooms with one growkit
  • 100% safe

* Do not put the kit directly on the heat mat. Increase the kit using, for example, a piece of cardboard or a tip booklet (recommended products).


You only use the heat mat if the temperature in the room where you want to grow is too low. Unroll the heating mat completely, preferably in a shady place and out of direct sunlight. Note that there must be something between the shroom heating mat and the growkit. Don't make direct contact. Fold a cardboard or a towel in between. Our favorite: a few tip books as legs (see recommended products).

Prepare your magic mushroom growkit according to the instructions you can find on the growkit product page or one of our blogs. Then put the magic mushroom growkit on the heating mat (with legs). You can see that the heating mat is working if there is constant condensation on the inside of the growkit. The first buttons will be visible after about a week. Now it will take about two weeks before your magic mushrooms are ready for harvest. You can briefly open the growkit every now and then to give fresh air to your shrooms.

Additional Information
Adjustable AirflowNo
Maximum Wattage40 Watt
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