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Homebox Ambient grow tents offer a stress-free growing experience, thanks to their 20-year experience. Durable and easy to set up, these tents are ideal for beginners and experienced growers alike. They are completely light-proof, protecting plants from unwanted light sources. The tents are equipped with OmniFlow ventilation holes with MicroMesh insect mesh for protection from insects and dust. Unique to these grow tents is the PAR+ coating on the inside, which provides optimal light reflection for plant growth and less heat generation due to the white interior.

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Homebox's Ambient grow tents are designed to provide you and your plants with a stress-free growing experience. The grow tents are both durable and easy to put together. This makes Homebox's grow tents perfect for beginners, experienced and recreational growers alike. Homebox showcases its 20-year experience in all sorts of aspects of the growing process. From light stress and insect control to heat control and the application of their proprietary PAR+ coating.

Completely free of light leakage

Homebox's grow tents are completely free of light leakage. Thanks to the cover flaps, Velcro, fasteners and the Total-Blackout zipper. Plants can ill-afford stray unwanted light sources. This causes them stress. Homebox grow tents are a "safespace" for your plants because they are light-proof. So even if there is a source of light outside the tent, it will not disturb the sleep of your plants.

OmniFlow air ventilation

All Homebox tents feature OmniFlow vents with a MicroMesh insect mesh with a mesh size of 700 µm (micrometer). This patented system provides excellent defense against insects and dust. In addition, you can allow additional or reduced airflow anywhere thanks to the Velcro-fastened passive ventilation holes.

Grow tent with PAR+ coating

Plants need natural light to grow. But not every kind of light (or actually color) is equally effective. PAR stands for Photosynthesis Active Radiation. So PAR refers to the part of the light spectrum that plants actually use for their photosynthesis. In Homebox's grow tents, the material has a PAR+ layer on the inside. This layer ensures that more of this growth-promoting energy is available to the plants. Because the inside of the grow tent is white instead of silver colored, there is much less heat development. Thus, most houses and tents are warm enough in the summer without lamps.

Package Contents

  • Grow tent cover
  • Steel frame
  • Waterproof bottom
  • 4 straps
  • 4 tie wraps
  • Manual

Specifications Homebox Ambient Grow Tents


  • Size of tent: 60x60x160cm
  • Growth area: 0.36m2
  • Maximum capacity: 50 kg
  • Wattage recommendation: 100W
  • Dimension of air supply: 12.5 cm


  • Size of tent: 80x80x180cm
  • Growth area: 0.64m2
  • Maximum capacity: 50 kg
  • Wattage recommendation: 200W
  • Dimension of air supply: 12.5 cm


  • Dimension tent: 100x100x200cm
  • Growth area: 1m2
  • Maximum capacity: 75 kg
  • Wattage recommendation: 300W
  • Dimension of air supply: 20 cm


Since 2001, HOMEbox has been the pioneer in indoor growing solutions. Beginning as a simple DIY construction to a globally recognized brand, HOMEbox remains committed to innovation. With constant product improvements such as the HOMEbox Evolution, Ambient and Vista series and a dedicated team in the heart of Berlin, HOMEbox is synonymous with quality and is one of the most successful indoor grow room suppliers worldwide.

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