Zip Lock Bags 120x170 transparant (0.05mm)

Zip Lock Bags 120x170 transparant (0.05mm)
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Store your weed or other herbs easily in these convenient, transparent zipper bags. Purchase this product and you’ll have 100 zipper bags in stock. The zipper bags are not only handy for storing weed; you can also use them to give a friend a bit of weed. These gripper bags are quite big (120 x 170) so you can store a decent amount of weed in them! Order now and get 100 zipper bags!



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Transparent zipper bags

Airtight storage for your weed or other herbs in these convenient, transparent zipper bags. The zipper bags are large format so you can put a whole lot of herbs in them. Buy this product and get 100 zipper bags. Then you’ll have enough zipper bags at home for some time.


  • Size: 120 x 170 mm
  • Polyethylene: 0.05 mm
  • 100 zipper bags per unit

Ideal for storing and sharing your weed

These zipper bags are ideal for storing your weed. You can also easily take your weed or hash somewhere with these zipper bags. In short: it’s ideal to have these bags at home. You’ll be able to split a large quantity of weed into multiple bags for example. Or give a friend some weed to take home. Experience for yourself the convenience of zipper bags.

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Dimensions120 x 70 mm

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