Zip Lock Bags Bioplastic 55x65 Transparent (0.05mm)

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Do you store weed? The standard method is of course to store your weed in the familiar Zip Lock Bags. These airtight, resealable zipper bags are rather special because they’re made from bioplastic. With these, you help spare the environment. Don’t throw them away immediately but re-use the bags as much as possible - then you’re really doing your bit. The weed bags have the same format as the usual Zip Lock Bags in the coffee shop. Namely 5.5 x 6.5 centimetres. You can store up to some 2 grammes of cannabis in each. You get 100 of them per order.

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Environmentally Friendly Zip Lock Bags

Store your buds in these airtight Zip Lock Bags. Ideal for carrying around and storing your weed for longer periods. Strong, hygienic, weather-resistant and environmentally friendly!

  • Size: 55 x 65 mm
  • Material: bioplastic
  • Colour: transparent (green rim)
  • Per packet: 100 Zip Lock Bags
  • Thickness: 0.05 mm

Bioplastic Zipper Bags

Bioplastic is a collective name for new types of material that have the properties of hard plastics but are made primarily from renewable raw materials. PLA (plastic made from corn) and recycled PEF soft drinks bottles are a couple of examples. The aim is to offer an alternative raw material to oil but be aware that bioplastic is still plastic. So keep using your Zip Lock Bags and look after it carefully. What if you do want to throw it away eventually? In that case it goes in with the general waste.

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Dimensions 55 x 65 mm
Brand Merkloos
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Zip Lock Bags Bioplastic 55x65 Transparent (0.05mm)

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