Heating Mat for Shrooms Infrared (Private Label)

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It’s not difficult to cultivate shrooms, but for optimal results they can use some assistance. You can increase the yield with this infrared heating mat by creating the ideal growing conditions at home for the shrooms. You should place a sheet of cardboard or filter booklets between the mat and your grow kit. The mat is safe and ultra-efficient - it uses only 7 Watts! You’ll have fresh shrooms in no time at all.

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Shrooms are sensitive little fellows. They need exactly enough heat to be able to grow. You can provide that with this infrared heating mat. The mat radiates heat via invisible infrared light which keeps the heat local. That is energy efficient and a lot safer as well. 

Shroom Heating Mat Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 28 by 15 cm
  • Power: 7 Watts
  • When used correctly, the shroom heating mat provides ideal temperature during the entire cultivation
  • Very efficient heating method
  • Specially designed for shroom grow kits
  • Service life: < 30,000 hours

Directions for use

You use mat during the entire cultivation. Unroll the heating mat completely. Place it in a bright spot in the house, but not in the sun. In any case, this kit should not be in direct sunlight or in complete darkness. Note that there must be something between the heat mat and the growkit. Do not make direct contact. Place a piece of cardboard or a towel folded in half between them. Our favourite: a few tip books as legs (see recommended products).

Place the growkit on the heating mat. Turn the heat mat knob to the highest position and leave it there for the entire grow. Check every day for condensation on the inside of the bag. No condensation? Spray the inside of the bag wet with a plant sprayer on the mist setting. Make sure you don't touch the contents of the breeding tank. So just the bag. After 10 to 20 days you will see the first mushrooms appear. From that moment on, open the bag for a minute every day to refresh the air. You can harvest the mushrooms as soon as the membrane under the hat threatens to come loose. You can find an extensive manual under the heading 'documents' on this page.

Please note: is the temperature in the house constantly higher than 22 degrees? Then you don't have to use the heat mat.

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I've followed the instructions and put a towel in between the mat and the kit's base. In just a couple of days, I started to see developing shrooms. Looking forward to the harvest!
Review by Arm Nealstrong

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