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How do you know when it is time to harvest your weed? When most of the resin glands turn a milky white colour during your weed plant's bloom. But because the resin glands are so small, it's very difficult to see with the naked eye. That's why this portable weed microscope with LED lighting is so handy. The two microscopes you can buy here differ only in their magnification. With the 50x microscope you can see several resin glands at once and with the 100x microscope you can study one or a few in detail. It's up to you! The microscopes are supplied with AG2 button cell batteries, so you can start right away.

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This beautiful Lumagny weed microscope is meant to help you determine if your weed is ready for harvest. By looking at the small resin glands you can see if your weed has finished flowering. You can buy the microscope in two different strengths; 50x or 100x magnification.

  • Special weed microscope
  • With powerful LED illumination
  • Includes 3 AG2 button cell batteries
  • Only 9,5 cm long
  • Perfect for viewing and assessing resin glands (trichomes)


Trichomes are the resin glands of the marijuana plant. In the end it is the resin that contains the active compounds THC, CBD and CBG. When resin glands are fully grown, the cannabis plant starts making these valuable compounds. After several weeks time, the trichomes change color and the resin production stops. This is the perfect moment for harvesting your marijuana, but it is very tricky to see this with the naked eye.

The microscope is meant tofor assessing when this ideal moment for harvest is occurring.The resin glands change colour from translucent to opaque milky white and then turn amber and brown. The ideal moment to harvest is when most trichomes have turned a milky white colour. That’s when the THC percentage is optimal.

Insects and fungi

The microscope is not just a practical device during the flowering phase. Also during the growth phase of the cannabis plant the microscope is very useful. Already in early phases you can see whether your plant is being attacked by minuscule insects such as mite, but also starting fungi. With knowledge of your marijuana plant you can take early action and save your valuable harvest.

50x and 100x Microscopes for Weed plants

The weed microscope is available in two versions. Both the 50x and the 100x microscope are supplied with batteries. They are the same size, only the lens of the 100x microscope has a higher magnification. With the 50x weed microscope you can assess more trichomes at once for ripeness, while the 100x magnification is great for viewing single trichomes very closely.

Content of the Package

  • Weed Microscope
  • Batteries 3x AG2 alkaline button cell batteries
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Brand Lumagny
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Cannabis Microscope LED (Lumagny)

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