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A grow tent from Mars Hydro allows you to create the ideal, controlled growing environment for cannabis plants. The tents have a reflective mylar layer, are light-proof and waterproof, and minimize pest infestations. They are designed for use with ventilation and carbon filter systems for optimal air circulation and odor control. Quality is assured by nylon, explosion-proof zippers, double stitching and rugged three-layer fabric construction. The tents are easy to set up and come with clear instructions. The design also includes peepholes and adjustable air supply flaps.

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A grow tent is a sturdy and mobile room that allows you to create an ideal growing environment anywhere. The reflective materials on the inside of the grow tent allow you to maximize the effectiveness of your lighting. Using a grow tent allows you to mimic and idealize natural growing conditions. A grow kit from Mars Hydro allows you to grow weed whenever and wherever you want.

Create the optimal growing environment

With Mars Hydro's grow tents, you create a controlled environment. That means full control over important factors such as temperature, humidity, light and air circulation. This makes it easier to achieve optimal growing conditions for your cannabis plants. Thanks to the reflective mylar layer, the light from the lamps is used optimally. Because the grow tent is completely sealable, you reduce the chance of pest infestations. Mars Hydro's grow tents are designed to be used with a ventilation system including a carbon filter. Among other things, these components ensure a constant flow of fresh air and odor control. Especially during flowering, a cannabis plant can produce a strong odor that is reduced thanks to a carbon filter system.

Quality and durability

Mars Hydro's grow tents feature nylon, explosion-proof solid zippers, double stitching and a double-channel seal at all port enclosures. The cover of the grow tent consists of three layers of fabric. On the inside a reflective layer of mylar, in the middle a waterproof fabric and the outer layer is made of lightproof material. At the bottom on the side of the grow tent are Velcro flaps that can be opened or closed to affect the air supply. On the front of the grow tent is a Velcro flap that allows you to easily look inside without having to open the tent.

Easy to use

If you've ever been to a festival or campsite with one of those little tents you have to stick those tubes through, you already have a little head start. Assembling the Mars Hydro tents is not complicated, moreover, all tents come with clear instructions for use. We recommend first unfolding the cover of the grow tent and laying it down. Then assemble the frame by simply sliding the tubes together. Press the buttons and let them pop back into the holes provided. Finally, it is recommended, especially with the 100x100cm tent, to work with a partner to slide the frame into the cover of the grow tent. In pairs, a larger tent is much easier to rig up.

Package Contents

  • Grow tent cover
  • Steel frame
  • Handy tool bag (100x100cm tent only)
  • Water tray
  • 2 filter straps
  • Manual

Specifications Mars Hydro Grow Tents


  • Size of tent: 60x60x140cm
  • Growth area: 0.36m2
  • Maximum capacity: 40 kg
  • Wattage recommendation: 100W
  • Package weight:


  • Size of tent: 70x70x160cm
  • Growth area: 0.49m2
  • Maximum capacity: 50 kg
  • Wattage recommendation: 150W
  • Package weight:


  • Size of tent: 100x100x180cm
  • Growth area: 1m2
  • Maximum capacity: 50 kg
  • Wattage recommendation: 300W

Mars Hydro

Behind Mars Hydro's success is a passionate team dedicated to the research, development and delivery of quality products. Founded in 2009 and already one of the top rated brands in LED lights, grow tents and ventilation systems. Now known all over the world, Mars Hydro remains a reliable and affordable option for all indoor growers.

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