Seedbooster Plus (Plagron) 10 ml

Seedbooster Plus (Plagron) 10 ml
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Would you like to start with your own seeds? Then the Seedbooster of Plagron is unmissable. It is a germ-accelerator and it accelerates the germ cycle of the seeds. It helps you to germinate your weed seeds.Before you start using the product, it's important that you shake it well. You add a couple of drops of Seedbooster to a litre of water. During the growing phase you can add it to each watering session. You now get 10 ml of Seedbooster of Plagron delivered, which will make you last for a while.



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Germinating weed seeds

Plagron’s seed booster plus is a germination accelerator that boosts the natural germination behaviour of your seeds. With its applied, innovative enzyme technology, Seedbooster from Plagron ensures that the germination cycle is accelerated by at least 40%.

And that’s not all. The Seedbooster also restores the germinative capacity of old weed seeds.

Plagron Protects

Besides accelerating, the seed booster also has a protective effect against fungi and bacteria. The resistance of your seeds and your plant is enhanced. So, is your bottle still not empty after you’ve germinated your weed seeds? No worries. This product can also be used during the plant’s growing phase. It gives young plants an excellent start.

Features and benefits:

  • 10 ml bottle of Seedbooster from Plagron
  • Accelerates the germination process by at least 40%
  • Provides weed seeds with all essential nutrients
  • Protects against harmful moulds and bacteria during the germination process.
  • Supplied with an extensive user guide in 12 languages

Using Seedbooster from Plagron

Shake well before use. Add 7 drops of Seed booster to 1 litre of water. Moisten the weed seeds with the solution until they germinate. It can be used for each feeding cycle up to and including the growing phase.


Water, sorbitol, sugar, cellulose enzymes, pectinase enzymes, stabilized enzyme solution with declared activity, 125 BPU and 100 FBG.

Shelf life

Unopened products have a shelf life of 4 years. Check the shelf life based on the batch number on the packaging. Have you opened a product? Then it has a guaranteed shelf life of 6 months.


Plagron has been producing a wide assortment of high-quality substrates, base fertilizers and additives for many years. The company is one of the market leaders for more than 25 years. Plagron products are intended for many kinds of breeders and guarantee excellent breeding performances.

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content10 ml
Substrate / MediumCoconut Fibre, Hydro / Aero, Soil

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