The top 5 CBD products

To help to make the right choice which CBD product best fits you, we made an overview of the top 5 CBD products. We selected different products that all are consumed in a different way. So it's easier to choose which CBD product best fits your needs.

1 CBD oil
Wholesome CBD products to support and improve our health are present in different sorts. The best known is CBD oil, also called Golyoli. These drops are taken in orally, under the tongue, so absorption takes place trough the oral mucosa.

CBD oil is available in different concentrations of CBD with a base of different oils. Think for example about organic olive oil or (organic) hemp seed oil. Nowadays also ultra modern techniques are used to not only preserve the CBD but also other healthy components of hemp. MediHemp is a leading producer here, by making use of CO2 extraction techniques. In our humble opinion, we want to put CBD oil from MediHemp at the first position in the top 5 of best CBD products. To compare the different CBD oils easily, we have converted the CBD concentration of each CBD oil to mg.

2 Hemp seed oil Plus
After the CBD oil quickly other CBD products were brought on the market. CBD paste, packed in an easy-to-use syringe with a higher CBD concentration than the oil. And a CBD spray based on hemp seed oil, easy-to-dose and better tasting than the CBD based on olive oil.

In this respect, CBD with a base of hemp seed oil is a godsend. The taste is soft and somewhat resembles nuts. Even more important is that hemp seed oils can be classified as a superfood, because hemp seed has high concentrations of healthy nutrients. In a food supplement, hemp seed oil and CBD perfectly complement each other. So in the "best CBD products" we have no doubts to put Hemp Seed Oil plus CBD on the second position in this list.

3 CBD cream
Apart from swallowing you can also smear CBD. CBD is processed in the wholesome and healing cream. The composition is based on natural resources and extremely skin-friendly. Apart from hemp seed oil and CBD extract also bee wax, yolk, olive oil and the plant Mullein are processed in the cream.

The cream is suitable for skin problems and skin reactions such as itching and inflammation. Next to the CBD cream, there is also Optimal Cannabinoid Mix, OCM cream. The base of this cream is the same as CBD cream, yet the concentration of cannabinoids are lower so the cream itself is less expensive. Useful to have at home and therefore on position 3: CBD cream from Non-profit org. Medical Marijuana

4 KanaVape E-cigarette
Swallowing, smearing or inhaling of CBD is all possible. Inhaling CBD is one of the options and is very trendy nowadays. The KanaVape is a ready-to-use E-cigarette with cartridge, filled with 5% CBD liquid. Inhaling of CBD has a big advantage: effectiveness of CBD is twice as high as with inhalation, compared to oral intake. So this is a very efficient way of CBD use with an intense experience. The KanaVape provides the same, relaxing effect as cannabis. It reduces stress without getting high or stoned. So the KanaVape can be used (discretely) always and everywhere. Available only recently and now already on position 4: the KanaVape CBD E-cigarette.

5 CBD liquid E-cigarette
Because inhaling of CBD is unique and effective and some people already have an E-cigarette. Ambrosia CBD liquids from Vibee are suitable for every type of E-cigarette. This E-liquid is available in 20mg CBD per 10ml or a good 100mg CBD per 10ml. Available with or without nicotine in peach flavor.

In a top 5 also a product must be placed at the fifth position. Ambrosia CBD liquid is, together with the KanaVape, the youngest CBD product in this top 5 and directly as successful. Inhaling of CBD simply provides a unique experience with direct effects that is not comparable with the oral intake of CBD oil. A short smoke break with hemp CBD extracts provides both relaxation as well as an energy boost. You'll be back with a fresh energy.

The information on this page about the use of cannabinoids (CBD) is meant to help people choose when they want to use cannabis as self-medication. Our explicit advice is to ALWAYS first consult your DOCTOR. We do not make any medical claims and the information on this page is not meant to diagnose, treat or heal a disease.