Grow Report: Wedding Cake Weed Indoor

Growing Wedding Cake weed is not difficult. Within 17 weeks you can harvest 130 grams of brand new Wedding Cake weed per plant if you are growing weed indoors. In this grow report we will show you the results of our super strong and easy to grow Wedding Cake in a small grow room. What makes this grow report special is that it was grown in a cutting-edge manner. Continue reading!

growing wedding cake weed

Wedding Cake Grow Report- The Numbers

This grow was done by Stony_Montana. He has kept a neat record of his grow on his Grow Diaries profile. The photos and data were used with his approval for this grow report. It's always nice to see immediate results. These are the numbers of this indoor grow:

  • Strain: Wedding Cake (Dutch-Headshop Private Label)
  • Grow room: 0.35 square meter
  • Pot (water tank): 35 liters with 20 liters of water in it
  • Number of plants: 1
  • Total growing time: 17 weeks (ex. germination)
  • Flowering time: 10 weeks
  • Yield: 130 grams (fresh weed)
  • Expected total THC percentage: 20%.
  • Power used for the lamp: 207 Watts LED (converted to HID lamps about 600 Watts)

Grow report LED - Used Equipment

For this beautiful result,  was used, among other things. Please note that growing with tools or growing equipment is often not allowed. This Wedding Cake grow report is intended to serve as a reference. We would like to advise you to abide by the law. Okay, disclaimer aside. Let's take a look at everything that was used in this grow report.

  • Method: Deep Water Culture / Hydro growing
  • Lighting: Mars Hydro Reflector 96, 207 watt LED (440nm, 460nm, 630nm?660nm, 730nm(IR), 2700k-3000k)
  • Nutrition: Plant nutrition from Canna. Aqua Vega, Boost Accelerator, Rhizotonic, Aqua Flores A+B, Cannazym, PK 13/14, pH- Bloom, extra magnesium and calcium.
  • Grow room: G-tools Bonanza Clima 0.35m2

About Wedding Cake Weed

The Wedding Cake strain is especially popular in America. But we expect this strain to become one of the highlights of our collection of private label weed seeds. She is a powerful cross of some well-known weed varieties: Girl Scout Cookies and OG Kush. Cherry Pie is added to create a fantastic taste of sweet fruit, vanilla and slightly sour blackberries.

Although she can reach up to two meters in height outdoors and yield 1500 grams per plant, Wedding Cake is also very well suited for indoor growing. This detailed grow report proves it. With 1 plant on 0.35 square meter you can get 130 grams. On a square meter you can put about 5 plants. You will need a little more light than is used here, but you can increase your profit up to fivefold. About 650 grams per square meter is achievable.

Applied Growing Techniques

In the third and fifth week, the growing Wedding Cake was topped. This means that the growing sprouts were cut off in order to create more branches. A week later, the new growth shoots were guided with binding wire. LST or Low Stress Training is what this is called. These growing techniques are popular with weed growers for a reason. This allows you to fill the growing space with one plant and therefore significantly increase the yield. Furthermore, the plant was defoliated in the seventh week. The seventh week was also the last week of the growth phase. By pruning away the lower leaves you ensure that no energy is lost. This is because leaves on the bottom do not catch light. A ScrOG rack was also created. In the tenth week (first week of flowering) the plant was placed through the net.

growing wedding cake weed
In Deep Water Culture, the roots are submerged in the nutrient water. Small bubbles provide the oxygen.

THC Percentage Wedding Cake

When you have a bud analyzed, there are a number of things to consider. There are many differences between analyzing methods. Sometimes you have to calculate the total THC percentage from the measured amount of THCA. THCA is the substance that occurs naturally in weed. When you heat weed or expose it to UV light, that THCA is converted into THC that makes you high. The "A" literally goes up in smoke.

Strength depends on growing conditions

Furthermore, you should know that every grow is unique and the percentages of THC and CBD vary naturally. THC is not in weed seeds, but is created in the resulting weed plant based on external factors. Light, stress, day and night rhythms, water, nutrition, soil... There are many things that determine the final strength. We always try to inform you as much as possible about our products. In the case of Wedding Cake, we measure around 24% THC ourselves. If you would have the weed analyzed, it is normal that the THC percentage is lower or higher than stated in our specifications. Who knows, you might be growing Wedding Cake weed with 26% THC. It's just possible. The fact is: weed seeds are natural products.

Growing report per Week

Every week there is something special to report. But before this grow report becomes a work of literature, we prefer to keep it short and sweet. Here is a point-by-point overview of some crucial moments of the grow.

growing wedding cake weed

Week 1 – Getting started

  • Height: 4.5 cm
  • Nutrition (ml per liter): 2 ml Canna Aqua Vega, 4 ml Canna Rhizotonic, 0.1 ml Canna pH- Bloom.
  • Light scheme: 18/6
  • Day temperature: 30 °C
  • pH value: 5.9
  • Humidity: 51
  • Smell: None.
  • Lamp Height: 31 cm

Week 3 - Buds and leaf problems

The photo shows some leaf problems caused by high pH. By adjusting the acidity downwards, the plant can absorb nutrients better.

growing wedding cake weed

  • Height: 8 cm
  • Nutrition (ml per liter): 2 ml Canna Aqua Vega, 4 ml Canna Rhizotonic, 0.1 ml Canna pH- Bloom, 4 ml Canna Cannazym.
  • Light scheme: 18/6
  • Day temperature: 30 °C
  • pH: 6.2, adjusted to 5.74
  • Humidity: 48%
  • Smell: None.
  • Lamp Height: 30 cm

Week 7 - End of the Growth

The leaf problems have been resolved by adjusting the pH. Also important to mention is that the amount of water has now been cut in half. There is now 10 liters of water in the tank to give the roots more oxygen. By the way, we do use bubblers and an air pump for oxygen to the roots.

growing wedding cake weed

  • Height: 19 cm
  • Nutrition (ml per liter): 2 ml Canna Aqua Vega, 4 ml Canna Rhizotonic, 0.1 ml Canna pH- Bloom, 4 ml Canna Cannazym.
  • Light scheme: 20/4
  • Day temperature: 30 °C
  • pH: 5, adjusted to 6
  • Humidity: 52%
  • Smell: None.
  • Lamp height: 55 cm

Week 10 - Start of the flowering phase

Time clock set to 12/12. Time for the flowering phase! It will take two weeks for the first signs of flowering. In the tray, monstrous roots are now appearing.

growing wedding cake weed

  • Height: 22 cm
  • Nutrition (ml per liter): 2 ml Canna Aqua Vega, 4 ml Canna Rhizotonic, 0.1 ml Canna pH- Bloom, 4 ml Canna Cannazym, 2 ml Canna Boost Accelerator.
  • Light scheme: 12/12
  • Day temperature: 25 °C
  • pH value: 6.2
  • Humidity: 55
  • Smell: Light.
  • Lamp height: 50 cm

Week 12 – First signs of flowering

Now that the first flowers are developing, it is necessary to convert the nutrition to bloom nutrition.

growing wedding cake weed

  • Height: 40 cm
  • Nutrition (ml per liter): 4 ml Canna Aqua Flores A, 4 ml Canna Aqua Flores B, 0.5 ml Canna Rhizotonic, 4 ml Canna Cannazym, 4 ml Canna Boost Accelerator.
  • Light scheme: 12/12
  • Day temperature: 23 °C
  • pH value: 6.5
  • Air humidity: 55
  • Smell: Average.
  • Lamp height: 50 cm

Week 17 – Last week of the flowering phase

In the last week of flowering, it is time to flush (give no more base nutrition). Some additives can still be given.

growing wedding cake weed

  • Height: 40 cm
  • Nutrition (ml per liter): 5 ml Canna Cannazym, 5 ml Canna Boost Accelerator. 0.05 Canna pH min.
  • Light scheme: 12/12
  • Day temperature: 23 °C
  • pH value: 5.8
  • Humidity: 65%
  • Smell: Strong.
  • Lamp height: 40 cm

growing wedding cake weed

Smoke Report - Wedding Cake Effects and Flavour

Sweet, sour and earthy. Those are the words that best describe Wedding Cake. She really does taste like a slice of cake. That's because the combination of terpenes and flavonoids resembles a combination of berries, vanilla and sweet fruit. But it's still weed, so a skunky, earthy undertone brings it all together. Although our Wedding Cake strain contains 80% indica genetics, it's a favourite among sativa lovers. Euphoria, happiness and a dose of energy make this weed great for smoking or vaping during the day. Not an indica for the evening on the couch!

growing wedding cake weed

Growing Wedding Cake Weed yourself?

This grow report shows that Wedding Cake is great for growing in a smaller grow space. This gives us reason to recommend the MiniGrow to you. The MiniGrow Box is a ready-made solution for growing weed silently, lightly and airtight with state-of-the-art LED lighting. Just plug it in and go. Just germinate Wedding Cake weed seeds, pregrow for a few minutes and, voila, into the MiniGrow. Want to make it even easier? Then consider buying our Auto Wedding Cake weed seeds. This is the autoflower version of this wonderful weed.