Shrooms and Magic Truffles: The Day After

The fact that Shrooms and Magic Truffles can bring about an enormous trip is an understatement, but what’s the story when it comes to a hangover the next day? We know that there’s a strong chance of getting a hangover when you have a couple of glasses too much to drink. And after using some drugs you can feel pretty bad for a day or two. Less is known about the Day After when it comes to shrooms and Magic Truffles. This article tells you more about the post-trip consequences!


It doesn’t make any sense to compare shrooms and truffles with alcohol, weed or hard drugs. Shrooms and Magic Truffles contain the unique active substances psilocybin and psilocin. So, logically, the effect is completely different. And that goes for the ‘hangover’ as well. Users are inclined to think that the hangover is awful because the trip is heavy. This idea has no foundation. It’s true that psilocybin does have considerable impact on your brain, but as it works itself off the damage really goes away with it. Later on in this article you can read more about the aftermath of a trip.

Do you get a Hangover from Shooms and Truffles?

Before and during the trip you’re not worrying about the day after. Obviously, it’s not a good idea to trip if you have to work the next day or have an exam, but the evening before your mother-in-law’s birthday, for example, is perfect for taking a portion of shrooms or truffles. It’s a fine idea if you don’t have any plans. Stress or concern about the following day can actually influence the trip. But don’t get too hung up about it. With normal usage, you can get up the next day without any problems. Do you unexpectedly ever find yourself suffering afterwards when you wake up? If so, then take After D and after a couple of hours you’ll feel as good as new!


Is it then the case that after an evening spent tripping you don’t notice anything at all? Not, unfortunately it’s not so. You can feel pretty worn out. A shroom trip demands a lot of energy from your body and does so for a period of 4 to 6 hours. It’s therefore quite logical that your body, and also your brain, is somewhat fatigued and you have a low energy level the next day. You may also feel listless and rather irritable. Not irritated but simply more sensitive to external stimuli. Bright light, hustle and bustle, and loud noises are stressful on the recovery day. Take a day off and don’t engage in sports or other intensive activities. After a day spent relaxing, you’ll be your old self again and the tiredness will completely disappear.


Don’t be surprised if your concentration is off after a day of using truffles or shrooms. The active substance psilocybin produces visual and auditory hallucinations. You experience an alternate view of reality and spiritual experiences cannot be ruled out. Although a trip lasts on average for around 6 hours and after a trip you are again sober, your thoughts are still all over the place. And the same applies to the day after. That is also the reason why we emphasize that you shouldn’t plan a trip for the evening before you’re going to work or study.

In Combination with Alcohol or Drugs

Never combine shrooms or truffles with alcohol or other (soft) drugs. Not only can it produce an almighty hangover, but it can also be dangerous during the trip. The combination of shrooms and alcohol increases the chance of a bad trip. Simultaneous use of shrooms and weed or hash can lead to an unpredictable and very heavy trip, while a combination of shrooms or truffles with hard drugs can cause psychological disorders. Scared about a bad trip? If so, then in any case have some Trip Stopper in reserve!

Things which you must not do during a trip

Conclusion: You don’t have to be concerned at all about responsible and normal use of shrooms or truffles. The hangover isn’t that bad and you are richer by a unique experience. And what could be nicer than cultivating your own shrooms. Are you up for the challenge?