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With the Trip Stopper from Dutch-Headshop you have backup available. If your trip goes badly or is too heavy, you can get the situation under control again with these 4 capsules. The Trip Stopper reduces the hallucinatory effects and calms you down again. A debilitating experience will be over in the shortest time possible! Also handy to have with you if you’re not taking a trip yourself but looking after someone as their tripsitter.

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What if it goes bad during your trip? The Dutch Headshop Trip Stopper helps you get your peace of mind back. These capsules are specially designed to reduce bad effects during the trip and relax you. So that you’ll be back to normal in no time at all.

Buy Trip Stopper as preparation for your own trip or as a backup if you’re carrying out the important role of trip sitter. One packet contains 4 capsules. That is enough for one person and one trip.

  • Reduces the effects of the psychedelic trip
  • Relaxes and calms
  • Shortens the bad trip
  • Handy to have by you!

Works for all Psychedelica

Works for trip smart drugs such as:

  • Shrooms and Magic Truffles (psilocybin)
  • Cacti (mescaline)
  • Salvia (salvinorin A)
  • Morning Glory and Hawaiian Baby Woodrose (LSA)
  • Chaliponga, Yopo and Chacruna (DMT)

And also for drugs like 2C-B, LSD, DMT and Ecstacy (MDMA).

Directions for use

Trip Stopper contains four capsules. The lighter-coloured capsule is designed to reduce the effects of the trip, while the darker capsule has a relaxing effect. Take all four of them with a glass of water if it starts going wrong. Then try to eat something savoury. This will bring the trip to an end. All you have to do now is stay calm. Pay attention to your breathing. Breathe normally and calmly, it will pass on its own.

Ingredients and Contents of the Packaging

  • 2 capsules, each with 500 mg of valerian (Valeriana officinalis)
  • 2 capsules, each with 500 mg of maltodextrine

Supplement: The Bad Trip

This is when it starts to go wrong with a tripping substance. It’s called bad because there’s a moment when the trip becomes unpleasant. We provide clear and concise answers to the most frequently asked questions about bad trips.

How do you end up with a bad trip?

There are various causes. Too much of the drug (overdose), ignoring the tips about set and setting, panic, and other external factors. Fortunately, you can do something about all of these causes - first of all by removing the causes.

How do you avoid a bad trip?

Never take too much. Keep to the doses which we specify on the website and don’t take more because you think it’s not working. Your attitude to tripping, how you are feeling, whether you are healthy (mentally as well) and your body’s build all determine the set. Are you feeling a bit feverish, tired or looking to trip to get rid of your depression? If so, there’s more chance of having a nasty experience after taking shrooms, magic truffles or salvia, for example. All hallucinogenic smart drugs have that in common.

They also have in common that you should only use them in a peaceful, preferably familiar, environment without any distractions which could upset you. So turn off your phone, make sure no strangers can come in the vicinity and stay calm in the space where you’re sitting. If you want to put music on, then make it relaxing music. The person with whom you are experiencing the trip can also influence it. If he or she stays sober and exudes calm and confidence for you, then you have the basis for a magnificent trip with just such a trip sitter. We call all these factors the setting.

What does a bad trip feel like?

Because time is experienced completely differently under the influence of psychedelica, you may think that you’ve been on a trip for a much longer or shorter time than is actually the case. If it starts to go bad, it’s usually a gradual process. You see something weird, feel that something’s not right or you simply become nauseous. All things which can make you anxious or get you into a panic. The only reason that a bad trip continues to happen is because you remain anxious.

What to do about a bad trip and how do you stop a bad trip?

The trick is to let go of the anxiety and relax. If you can do that on your own then that is great. But you don’t have much control over the situation. That’s what makes a sober trip sitter who knows about these things so important. But first back to set and setting. Is the environment still relaxing or is hard music and people in the environment making it hard to relax? A bad trip is often a negative spiral which you need to break out of. That’s why relaxing is so important. It will become fun again and any trip can transition by itself. It is a myth that you can ‘get stuck in a trip’. That will not happen provided you have no history of psychosis.

How long does a bad trip last?

In terms of your experience it can last much longer than the minutes which go by, but usually it doesn’t last more than 15 minutes if you are looked after properly.

Fear of a bad trip

You can also bring on a bad trip on yourself. By making yourself more tense than necessary you can create stress which makes you anxious but still you take that crazy substance. Don’t do that. If you’re not fully behind your choice, then just stick to a joint or a beer.

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