Portable vaporizers, the differences
Portable vaporizers are popular. this is because the quality of the portable vaporizers has improved with big leaps in recent years. To take advantage of the benefits of vaporizing cannabis / cannabis, no large desktop vaporizer with wire is needed.

Small, efficient, quick, ease of use and discretion are all exemplary characteristics for the current generation of portable vaporizers. Therefore one can take full advantage of the many advantages of vaporizing. Wherever you are, you can bring a portable vaporizer discretely.

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The base of a vaporizer
An electronic vaporizer basically consists of a battery, the heating element and the burning chamber for the dried herbs or weed.

Vaporizers that you heat directly with a lighter are a simple and affordable way to get acquainted with the evaporation of weed or herbs. The VaporGenie is a good example of this. 

A vaporizer heats the herbs / weed to vapor by means of conduction (conduction) or convection (hot air). With conduction the herbs are in direct contact with the heating element. The biggest advantage of this method is that vaporizing the weed/herbs is very quick.

Within seconds after turning on your vaporizer it is ready to use. The disadvantage is a higher risk on burning and irregular distribution of the heat. You can stir up the herbs to prevent this. An example of the vaporizers who uses this method is the Magic Flight Launch Box

With convection heating, indirect heating takes place through hot air. The herbs or marijuana are kept in the herb chamber because of a mesh or screen. Heating takes place at the exact temperature. Controlling the temperature is much better when using convection heating compared to conduction.

With convenction heating, it is not necessary to regularly stir up and move the marijuana or herbs for uniform vaporization. The disadvantage of convectio heating is the higher price of the vaporizers. The prices are higher because one makes use of a more advanced technology. Convection heating takes slightly more time than conduction heating. Examples of portable vaporizers with convection heating are: The Crafty, Mighty  from Storz & Bickel, Arizer Air and Arizer Solo, Pax 3 from PAX Labs and Portable vaporizer from Da Vinci.

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Temperature settings
A vaporizer heats marijuana, weed and other herbs till the point of vaporization of the different cannabinoids. By playing with the temperature settings, you will get to know the qualities of the vaporizer and your personal preferences very well. Cannabis vaporizes optimally at a temperature in between 180 and 210 °C.

Cannabinoids all have different boiling points. This way, at the same dosage of marijuana you have different effects by using different temperatures. The ideal temperature for a wide variety of cannabinoids is 185 °C. Temperature settings lower than 190 °C result in a more mental high or buzz. Higher temperature provides a more physical or body stone.

Saving on weed
Vaporization or evaporation offers many advantages compared to smoking. This is because the cannabinoids are evaporated without a form of combustion. This gives vaporizing a more pure and healthy experience. The vapor contains no tar, carbon monoxide or other toxic components such as in tobacco smoke. With the combustion of marijuana, only a fractions of the cannabinoids end up in the smoke, the majority is destroyed. By vaporizing marijuana 95% of the cannabinoids vaporizes. The other 5% consists of non-toxic substances from the cannabis plant.

This way, you do not only save on your health by using a vaporizer, but you also save about 30% on the amount of marijuana you use. With a vaporizer, you can control the dosing of the marijuana better. Another advantage of vaporizing is that hardly any smells are released, making it much more discrete. A portable vaporizer reaches the right temperature very quick, ready for discrete use.

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Best choice
The choice of which portable vaporizer best suits someone is not easy due to the large selection. This is partly due to the different requirements and uses. This makes the '' best choice '' very personal. Would you like to take a look at our assortment? Click here to go to the overview. Do you still have doubts, or do you not know what to look out for? Then read on to gather the tips to help you choose the right vaporizer from our range:

Price range
A good electric portable vaporizer varies in price between 99 euros and 350 euros. The heating technique used and an advanced design, to produce tasteful and clean vapors, determine the price tag of a portable vaporizer.

The purchase is an investment that earns itself back in time. This is because you need less weed when using a vaporizer. In addition, the durability and frequency of use is an important consideration when choosing the price range of a vaporizer. If you use the vaporizer often (several times a day), a vaporizer of a higher price range is advisable. However, if you only use the portable vaporizer a few times a year, a cheaper model of the portable vaporizer can be advisable.

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Do you opt for a fixed or variable temperature setting? Do you want to experiment with the temperature or not? These are important choices, which are completely dependent on personal preferences.

Considerations that you can make with the battery: How long does a full battery last? Is there a spare battery available? Can I use the vaporizer when it is charging?

Evaporation chamber
How big is the herb chamber? If you also want to use the portable vaporizer with friends, then a spacious evaporation chamber is so easy. If you want to use the portable vaporizer with your friends, a large heating chamber is easy.

Which heating technique is used? Indirectly, with hot air, convection heating, direct contact with the heating element or conduction heating. Convection is super fast and easy. However, weed needs to be shaken up in between. Conduction is more advanced and more expensive; temperature control is more precise and intermediate shaking is not necessary.

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User-friendly operation. The ease of use increases the pleasure you can have from the best portable vaporizer for you. Some vaporizers offer extra possibilities for evaporating hashish, cannabis oil, aromatherapy, essential oils and resin.

The warranty on most vaporizers is one year. Many producers give a longer warranty period on their product. This guarantee period varies from two years to no less than five years. Some manufacturers even offer a lifetime warranty. The quality of today's portable vaporizers is good to very good. Do you have more questions about Vaporizers in general? Click here to see the FAQ about vaporizers and click here to ask your question to our customer service!