Crafty Vaporizer (Storz & Bickel)


Crafty Vaporizer (Storz & Bickel)

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You want to meet the smallest and lightest portable vaporizer? Go for the Crafty vaporizer of the German quality brand Storz & Bickel. With only eleven centimeters in length and a weight of about 135 grams, you reap the benefits of its user-friendliness and you can also use an app. Furthermore, you have complete control over the settings of the Crafty. One can use a lithium-ion battery which will work for up to 1.5 hours continuously. Charging can be done with the included micro usb cable or adapter.
Storz & Bickel
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Compact top quality vaporizer
The Crafty vaporizer is the newest, smallest and lightest portable vaporizer from the German brand Storz & Bickel. The Crafty vaporizer is the compact brother of the Mighty. The Crafty vaporizer is only 11 centimeters long and only weights 135 grams.

Ease of use
Apart from the ease of use with the one-button control the Crafty provides the more advanced vaporizer user with the possibility to connect to the vaporizer through the free Crafty Smartphone App. With this App you have full control of all the settings of the Crafty. The Crafty has a lithium-ion battery that lasts for 1.5 hours of continuous use and is chargeable with the included micro usb cable or adapter.

*Please note: from now on the S&B App can no longer be downloaded in the Apple App Store. This means that you cannot use this vaporizer in combination with Apple devices. Have you already downloaded the S&B App on your device? Then you can continue to use it as usual. Fortunately, you can also use this vaporizer without a S&B App. The app is still available for Android.

Basic and Booster temperatures
The one-button control of the Crafty has a basic and booster temperature setting with a LED indication light and a vibration feature. By pushing the button once, the Crafty warms up to the Basic temperature level of 180 °C. By pushing twice the temperature will rise to Booster level of 195 °C. An automatic temperature controller regulates the heating process to vaporize your herbs or marijuana at exactly the right temperature - with an accuracy within one degree.

The Crafty Remote Control App
The Crafty Remote Control App can be downloaded from the Storz & Bickel website and is available for iPhone and Android.  Users of this App have full control over all kind of advanced settings of the Crafty. For example, you can adjust the Basic and Booster temperature levels within a range of 40 –  210 °C with your smart phone Bluetooth connection. At the same time, also the battery status will be shown.

Vaporizing oil and concentrates (BHO)
The Crafty comes fully equipped with grinder, fill help and stainless steel liquid pad. This way you can not only vaporize herbs but also (BHO) cannabis concentrates and oils in the Crafty vaporizer.

Easy to fill
To fill the Crafty you remove the upper part, the cooling element including the nozzle by carefully pushing it aside. With the grinder and fill help, you can fill the chamber of the Crafty loosely with the finely crushed herbs. Now slide the upper part with nozzle back to its place till you'll hear a click.

Press down the power button for a second, the LED indicator light will now show that the Crafty is warming up, which takes about 1-2 minutes. If the LED indicator light jumps from red to green, the Basic temperature of 180 °C has been reached. You can set the vaporizer to Booster temperature level of 195 °C by pushing the power button twice. If a green, blinking LED light is visible, the Booster temperature level is reached and you're ready to vaporize. Turn the nozzle of the Crafty 180 degrees so it turns away from the Crafty and slowly breathe in the herb vapors. The Crafty turns off automatically after one minute to save battery power. By using the on/off switch during use you can postpone this.

Characteristics Crafty Portable Vaporizer

  • Vibration alarm and LED indicator light
  • One-button control
  • Hot air through convection
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Very efficient heat exchanger
  • Exact temperature regulation
  • Multi-functional Bluetooth App
  • Automatic turn-off switch

The Crafty Portable Vaporizer comes in a sealed box and contains the following parts:

  • Crafty Vaporizer
  • Adapter with USB cable
  • Fill help
  • Grinder
  • Cleaning brush
  • Liquid pad
  • 3x backup gauzes / screens
  • Set of backup sealing rings
  • Manual (English, German, Spanish, French)

Herbs, Oils, Hashish and other Extracts

This gadget is not just a cannabis vaporizer. Besides the vaping of herbs and cannabis, you can also use oils, hash and extracts with this vaporizer. Supplied with this vape are metal sponges that absorb oils, hashish or extracts. This way you can vaporize anything you like, without it taking a lot of effort. Another benefit of the sponges: your vaporizer stays clean. Mind you: hashish cause the included liquid pads to tarnish just after one use. As such, we recommend to be using liquid pads with hashish for single use only.

Storz & Bickel
The Crafty is developed by the famous German Storz & Bicker Company who put the famous Volcano on the market in the nineties. Qualitatively, the Crafty is an equally premium-quality product and made to vaporize without problems for many years. 2-year warranty.

Size: 11-5.7-3.3 cm
Weight: 135 grams

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