Easy Valve
The Easy Valve is a simple way to replace the Volcano Vaporizer balloon. It is not necessary to put a new balloon to the coupling of this vaporizer because the Easy Valve comes with five balloons. If the balloon needs to be replaced, you just use one of the five new balloons! If your box is empty, you can order it quickly and easily online at Dutch-Headshop. Are not you familiar with these balloons yet? Then buy the starter set now!

Volcano Easy Valve Balloon Storz & Bickel Dutch Headshop 

Solid Valve
The Solid Valve was once standard in the Volcano Vaporizer and had a great sales record. You may choose the balloon size yourself and attach it to the coupler. The Solid Valve comes with three metres of balloon material. Replacing the balloon is a bit trickier because you have to fasten it to the coupler. The advantage is that this solution, in case of frequent use, is cheaper in the long term. So are you a frequent user? Click here to order the Solid Valve balloons! If you are not yet a frequent user, buy the complete Volcano Solid Valve Set.

Volcano Solid Valve Set Dutch Headshop

Whatever choice you make, it remains the same Volcano Vaporizer! The only difference is then in the balloon system.