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Kanna extract 40X from Mystic Herbs is the most powerful concentrate available. A small amount can already lead to strong effects. Kanna originally comes from Africa and has been used by indigenous tribes for millennia. In those times the drug was used to counteract thirst, fatigue and hunger. Nowadays, it is mainly used to improve the mood. It also reduces fear, stress and tension. An ideal product, very useful for multiple complaints.
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Africa's miracle

Kanna originally comes from Africa. It is used for millennia by indigenous tribes such as the Khoikhoi and the San (earlier known as the Bushmen). It was used against thirst, fatigue and hunger but also for spiritual ends.

Kanna effects

Kanna (Sceletium tortuosum) is known for its mood improving effect. You can reduce fear, stress and tensions. At reduced doses Kanna induces euphoria and it works as a stimulant. At higher doses it works as a sedative (calming).

You can’t really argue about the taste but we have also heard several customers say that 40 x Kanna Extract is not the most pleasant smart drug. The taste is bitter and earthy. Some even say that Kanna tastes a bit like sal ammoniac. You have to persevere with it.

How to Use & Dose Kanna 40x Extract

Our experiences show that sniffing this 40x Kanna extract works best. A pinch is enough. Making tea or smoking Kanna is also part of the possibilities. Especially for tea you need a lot more to feel and experience the effects of Kanna.

  • Drinking tea: add 100 mg to a cup of tea (~175 ml) and let it steep for 10 minutes.
  • Sniff: pinch (about 25 mg) is enough.
  • Smoking or vaping: 25-60 mg, depending on the desired effect. Evaporate at a temperature between 180 °C and 190 °C.

Combinations with other substances

Kanna improves the effects of alcohol, but also that of cannabis. In different combinations these substances can produce mild hallucinating effects. The Khoikhoi are known from smoking Kanna as part of a herb mix that also contains cannabis. Damiana, blue lotus flowers, wild dagga, Tonkgat ali and ginseng are other herbs that are suitable to combine with kanna. Kanna can be very well combined with other substances and helps to increase its effects. Please be careful with this very powerful extract before you start combining, know what you do!

Kanna is a sedative

A small dose of kanna 40x extract of Mystic Herbs causes a relief in fear and stress. Uncertainties, obstacles and feelings of inferiority are reduced or disappear. Some users experience a meditative peace and the possibility to better focus on inner thoughts. Also, there is often an increase in a increased appreciation of the beauty of nature.

Kanna 40x extract: both stimulating and calming

At reduced doses, Kanna gives an energy boost: some users describe 'tingling sensations' or the desire to dance and sing. Others report improved abilities to think clearly and focus sharply. At high doses, the stimulating effects are substituted for a more relaxed feeling.

Kanna is not hallucinogenic, though some users experience a slight difference in the visual perception. Colors can appear softer or more pronounced, and the user can see objects with a subtle glow. 

Social effects of Kanna

Kanna makes certain people more reserved in a social setting. Yet, other kanna users describe a deepening of social contacts. Fear and uncertainties disappear and the general euphoria and self-confidence increase. That is the reason why Kanna can be useful in personal conversations. It is not very common, but some users report a heightened sensitivity of the skin and even a slight sexual excitation.

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