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Do you want to have a safe and natural space? You can with these powerful capsules with natural herbal extracts. Note: Space Trips have a serious effect that should not be underestimated. They contain an extract of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose: a plant that contains LSA. According to connoisseurs, LSA resembles LSD. Space Trips capsules also contain energy enhancing guarana and green tea extracts, which gives it a double effect: both psychedelic (up to 8 hours) and an extra boost of energy (up to 4 hours). Cool to use at home, but also at a party in the right mood. Do not mix with alcohol. One package contains 4 capsules.

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Space Trips give you a psychedelic energy boost through powerful, natural herbal extracts. Guarana, green tea and the amino acid L-tyrosine give you a dose of energy, whereas passion flower and Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seriously affect your consciousness.

  • Easy to take capsules
  • Both energy enhancing and psychedelic
  • Only natural ingredients
  • Nice to chill with at home, but also for a party

Hawaiian Baby Woodrose

The Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds are just like the morning glory part of family Convolvulaceae. The seeds can be eaten while natural tryptamine and LSA (family of LSD) will do his work. Do not think this is something from the smart shop that does not work.

These capsules contain an extract of the seeds of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose and give you mild visual effects and a dreamy feeling. It's not LSD, but according to users it's comparable to a light dose. The trip of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose lasts 6 to 8 hours, but you'll still feel the effects in the following hours. After ingestion you may feel nauseous or have other stomach complaints. This will gradually start fading.

Dosage and Use Space Trips

Do not eat or drink two to three hours before use. Take 1 capsule on an empty stomach with a little water. The energy boost lasts up to 4 hours and the psychedelic effect up to 8 hours. Don't take more than one capsule per 24 hours (maximum). Do not mix with alcohol or MAO-inhibitors. Read the disclaimer on this page.

Package contains:

  • 4 capsules

Ingredients of Space Trips

1 capsule: Guarana 200 mg, Hawaiian Baby Woodrose extract 100 mg, L-tyrosine 100 mg, Passion Flower extract 50 mg, L-arginine 50 mg, Green tea extract 10 mg, Vitamine B3 (Niacine) 8 mg.

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Took 3, my friend 4. First time. Both had great trips till 3 hours later and both had horrible experiences. Truly horrible. Very strong stuff. Trip lasted 10+ hours. Don't take them at night because you cannot sleep while high on these.
Review by Luuk
star star star star star
Zo, ja die moet je inderdaad niet onderschatten. Al was dat te verwachten omdat er Hawaiian Baby Rose in zit. Wou er eerst 3 nemen maar was toch begonnen met 1, blij dat ik het daarbij gelaten had. LSA valt mij persoonlijk altijd helaas wel zwaar op de maag en met deze space trips was dat helaas ook zo. De eerste paar uur had ik erg last van lichamelijk ongemak al voelde de space wel heel lekker. Echt een beetje dat LSD gevoel. Met de sterkste en het effect is niks mis mee. Hou er rekening mee dat het verschilt per persoon qua hoeveel last je krijgt van misselijkheid etc. Begin daarom echt eerst met 1 als je het voor het eerst gebruikt!
Review by Space Wezel
star star star star star
great for beginners, highly recommended if you want to try LSA for the first time. Very mild hallucinations and a strong feeling of somnolence
Review by NICK
star star star star star
No Hallucinations but long lasting calm mellow effect similar to Weed Edibles with a few psychoactive effects and involuntary tensing of the cheek muscles (couldn’t stop smiling)
Review by Alex

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