MDNX Nitro Ecstasy (4 pills)

MDNX Nitro Ecstasy (4 pills)
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Are you looking for a healthy dose of energy for a party or a festival? Then take a MDNX Nitro tablet. This party pill ensures you can party for hours on end without getting tired. Take for the desired effect at maximum 1 tablet per 24 hours. This maximum dose can not be exceeded. The effects of MDNX start taking effect 30 to 45 minutes after intake. Experience your parties in an even intenser way then usual with MDNX Nitro. 4 tablets per packet.

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MDNX is a natural party pill that increases your energy level. The tablets have a lemon flavor and can be taken together with alcohol. Take care however to moderate your drinking. You can surely take MDNX with a couple of beers, but do not start drinking heavily.

Effects MDNX nitro

The unique composition of MDNX has as function to increase your energy level. This enables you to party for hours without getting tired. MDNX postpones your tiredness during the day or evening.

  • Increases your energy level
  • Postpones tiredness
  • Intense experience of music
  • Cheery feeling

For parties or festivals

MDNX is especially suitable to take on parties or festivals. It is also known as a truly natural party pill. Especially on parties or festivals that go on for a long time, this party pill can be of great use. The moment your energy level drops, MDNX can provide you with a new boost of energy. That way you enjoy the party of festival you are at optimally.

Using MDNX nitro

Take 1 tablet 45 minutes before the desired effect. You can take it with water or fruit juice. The maximum dose is 1 tablet per 24 hours. The maximum dose should not be exceeded.


Herbalmix, Ginger Extract, Guarana Extract, Vitamins (Ascorbic Acid, Niacin, Methylcobalamin), Chromium II Chloride, Flavour (lime), Dye (E102, E131).

Contents of the package

  • 4 tablets

Safely use Smartdrugs

Smart drugs offer people beautiful experiences, but are not suitable for everyone. Therefore, have a look at the disclaimer before ordering.

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