Have you just met the love of your life but is everything in bed not going as well as it should? In that case it’s very tempting to seek out ways to improve your sex life. Lots of young men and women who struggle with these problems in their love life go for viagra or kamagra. After all it makes sense to start off there, doesn’t it? The answer is no! The illegal use of viagra can be damaging for your health. That’s one good reason to make it clear in this article that it’s also possible to improve your sex life in a legal and healthy way. Read these 5 valuable sex tips!

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#1 King Active en Queen Active

Viagra or kamagra is still highly popular. Research by the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and Environmental Protection (RIVM) in 2017 showed that 150,000 men in the Netherlands were using viagra or kamagra. But less than one third of these men had a doctor’s prescription for it. To qualify for a doctor’s prescription you have to clearly demonstrate to the doctor that you suffer from erection problems. Anyone who is unable to prove this but is determined to get viagra ends up on the illegal circuit. This leads us to conclude that roughly 70% of the viagra or kamagra obtained comes from that illegal circuit. A conclusion that some doctors are worried about. They advocate the legal purchase of erection medication so that users know what they are taking and are provided with tested and legal medication for improving their sex lives.

The solution to this problem? This has yet to be found but Dutch Headshop already has it in stock. A natural erection pill for men with purely legal ingredients called King Active. These capsules enhance your libido and facilitate an erection. Needless to say we haven’t just thought about men because there’s Queen Active for women. Queen Active works to enhance a woman’s libido and stimulate her desire for sex. Great products to use with your partner and surprise each other in bed.


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#2 Damiana Kruiden

It’s generally recognised that using (smart) drugs doesn’t help performance in bed. This means that regular drug users may have difficulties with sex after a day or night spent tripping. Do you know in advance that you’ll have to perform in bed but even so you have the urge to use smart drugs? Then choose Damiana herbs! Apart from the psychoactive effects, Damiana has the ability to act as a stimulus for sex. Damiana contains ingredients which stimulate the sex organs of both men and women. Who wouldn’t want to combine a mild trip with great sex?

#3 Muira Puama Capsules

In addition to King Active and Queen Active, there are other capsules with legal ingredients which enhance your libido. Whereas in South America, Muira Puama used to be smeared on the private parts to promote an erection, the herbs have now been processed into capsules so that you can give your sex life a huge boost within just a few seconds. You do of course have to wait a bit before it takes effect but meanwhile you can calmly proceed with the foreplay. As soon as the capsule does its work, then it’s all systems go.

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#4 Lubricant

Are you not in favour of taking natural erection pills or herbs? Then there’s no need to worry. There are still a number of things you can do to make your sexual adventures longer-lasting, more exciting and easier to perform. The use of lubricant doesn’t involve taking anything and all you do is quickly and easily rub it on your private parts. Level's Lubricant makes sex more comfortable, enhances potency and delays ejaculation. And that latter point should make men happy given that more than half of men experience ejaculation too quickly. There are of course physical exercises which you can do to delay ejaculation but there’s no guarantee that they will immediately produce the desired result. With lubricant you will experience progress in bed that same evening.

#5 Sharing Sexual Experiences

It’s important to talk to each other a lot in a relationship. Not only about daily events but also about sex. Because the more you share your experiences, the better the sex will become. It’s good to know what each finds enjoyable so that you can do this for each other during sex. Without having to purchase products, you are still investing in a better sex life. An investment worth more than gold because your partner will also notice that the sex is getting better and better. In this way you will find each other attractive and keep on boosting your relationship.

Are you curious as to what else we have in stock for your sex life? Check out the Sex category then and let yourself in for a surprise. After that, you can then surprise your partner!