Muira Puama (Indian Elements) [Ptychopetalum olacoides] 60 caps

Muira Puama (Indian Elements) [Ptychopetalum olacoides] 60 caps
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Muira Puama is now available in capsules. From now on everything is easier. The advantage is that these are easily to take with you. Muira Puama is also known to assist in stress but it also may have soothing effects on articulation and menstrual pains. Furthermore, it works as an aphrodisiac. You will not have to prepare tea or smoke. Take the capsule and you will notice the effects promptly. There are 60 capsules in each package.
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Muira Puama, now in handy capsules! No hassle with leaves to steep tea from, just take a tasteless capsule with Muira Puama. Simple and effective.

Muira Puama is known from:

  • Can help to reduce complaints of joint pains and menstrual pains.
  • Aphrodisiac effects
  • Helps against stress

Benefits of Muira Puama capsules
The big advantage of a capsule is of course that you can take it in at any moment of the day. The capsules always have exactly the same amount of Muira Puama. Where with other herbs you need to prepare it in a tea or pipe, this pill you just take in: more effective and user-friendly.

History Muira Puama
The trees of which Muira Puama is made are native to Brazil. It is used for centuries and called 'potency wood'. It was applied to the male genitals to stimulate an erection or as a possible remedy against potency.

Effect Muira Puama pills
When the effect of the pills start, you experience a tickling and sensual feeling throughout your whole body.  When you combine Muira Puama with Damiana, this will have an even stronger effect.

The package contains 60 capsules and for which the dose is 1 capsule per day. Of course you can use more according to your own insights.

Not suitable for persons below 18 years age. Keep away from children. Use is strongly discouraged for people with kidney or heart problems, high or low blood pressure, diabetes and people under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The is a food supplement and should be used as such.

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