Peyote cactus [Lophophora Williamsii]

Peyote cactus [Lophophora Williamsii]
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Would you like to have a heavy trip for a time? Then try the Peyote Cactus. The Peyote Cactus is and absolute must for when you just want to have a good trip. It is a small spiky cactus that contains the active agent mescaline. It grows slowly and has a base size of 2-3 cm when the cactus is delivered. The Peyote Cactus has been used for centuries by the inhabitants of Mexico and the South of the United States. Discover this popular cactus and experience a trip to never forget!

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Peyote Cactus

The Peyote Cactus is a small and spiky cactus, that you use when you would like to experience a heavy trip. The cactus contains the hallucinatory agent mescaline. This natural agent provides physical- and mental effects, where often the mental effects are dominating. This is because the agent mescaline causes you to see, experience and hear things differently. Your perception becomes different than normally is the case. Colors become more intense, objects appear larger or smaller and your thinking abilities diminish.


The Peyote Cactus mainly grows in South-Texas and North-Mexico. For centuries they are used there by inhabitants as part of their religious rituals. The use of the Peyote Cactus and mescaline is woven into the culture of those areas. The cactus is still just as popular and is consumed often during occasions and special events.


  • Small and spiky
  • Suitable for tripping heavily
  • Base size of 2-3 cm
  • Grows slowly
  • Contains mescaline


During growing the Peyote Cactus grows very slowly. It is therefore not unusual that it can only be harvested after a few years. You have to be patient before you can indeed consume the cactus. The cactus is ready for consumption after about 5 years, The cactus requires a lot of sun and little water. In the spring, summer and autumn you can water the Peyote once in two weeks. In the winter period (october - march) you wil not need to water the Peyote.

Application Peyote Cactus

The cactus can be used by slicing it. You can also make a tea from it. Be aware that the Peyote Cactus has an exceptionally bitter taste. The cactus can be used at any time, because the agent does not loose its potency.


Do not combine with alcohol, MAO-Inhibitors or other stimulants. Do not use when pregnant, depressed, on medication, driving motorized vehicles, under 18 years old. When you're using Peyote make sure there's someone with you to assist you when necessary.

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