Kanna Seeds [Sceletium tortuosum] 10 pieces

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What could be more fun and more challenging than cultivating your own Kanna? The Kanna plant is increasingly dying out which makes it all the more unique if you have a plant at home. Cultivating your own kanna is not rocket science. Kanna has a relaxing and stimulating effect on the body. You can chew it, sniff it and add it to drinks. But the first step is to grow your own plant. You can do that with these 10 kanna seeds.

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Kanna Seeds

You lay the foundation for your Kanna plant with these Kanna seeds. The packet contains 10 seeds with which you can easily grow your own kanna. It’s difficult to get hold of a Kanna plant so it’s nice and special to grow your own plant. The Kanna plant is becoming increasingly rare so people are being encouraged in advance to grow Kanna.

Kanna Plant

Kanna, also known as Sceletium tortuosum, is a herb which originates in Africa. It’s been used for thousands of years by native tribes to counter thirst, tiredness and hunger. It was also used as a stimulant and for spiritual purposes. Nowadays, people use Kanna to reduce stress and anxiety. Kanna also has a stimulating and relaxing effect. Moreover, it improves your mood and in some cases promotes sexual sensations. Kanna is usually snorted, chewed or drunk as tea.

Cultivating Kanna

It’s not that difficult to cultivate Kanna with these seeds. The cultivation process for a Kanna plant has a lot in common with growing cacti. Sprinkle the Kanna seeds over the potting compost and just press them slightly into the earth. Be patient because these seeds can take time to germinate. The germination period is some two to eight weeks.

The conditions under which the Kanna plant is cultivated are important. Make sure first of all that you water the plant. But at the same time be careful not to overwater as this is not good for the plant and may lead to the roots rotting. When wrinkling occurs on colder days the plant needs water. Moreover, we recommend you allow the Kanna plant to grow in an environment where the temperature is around 15°C. The plant is able to withstand cooler temperatures but it develops best in spring sunshine. But try to avoid direct sunlight, especially at the beginning of cultivation.

Kanna Effects

  • Relaxing
  • Stimulating
  • More social cohesion
  • Increases libido


If your plant has reached maturity, it’s time to discover the effects of Kanna. Kanna can be used in many ways. You can chew or sniff kanna leaves or add them to drinks. There are no end of ways in which to use Kanna. A cup of tea with Kanna is really great.

Package content

  • 10 seeds

Seeds for the Psychedelic Garden

These seeds are meant to be put in the soil. They will sprout fine exotic plants that are known for their fantastical effects. However, these seeds by themselves don’t exhibit effects when ingested. So be patient and have fun growing them!

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