Efedra [Ephedra sinica] 20 Seeds

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Ephedra sinica you possibly known as Efedra. It is a plant from China, Japan and South Siberia. The effect of the plant is very pleasing. You get energy, your sense of hunger disappears and isn't that what you would like to experience? You can easily cultivate the plant yourself, which can be done both indoors and outdoors. There are 20 seeds in a package. So you will be able to grow your own Ephedra sinica. Once you dried the branches, you can steep tea from it, for example.

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Origin of the Efedra Plant

Ephedra sinica is known under the names Efedra of Ma Huang, the family name is Ephedraceae and the plant is originally from China, Japan and South Siberia. The plant has been used more than 5000 years as a medicine.

Properties Ephedra sinica: 

  • Originate from Asia
  • The plant is easy to grow
  • Upright and bushy bush
  • Provides you with energy and suppresses hunger
  • Plant the seeds at a temperature of 20 degrees
  • Grows up to a height of 60 cm
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • 20 seeds per package

Efedra Effects

The main effect of Ephedra is that you get energy, also lost of the hunger, Ephedra is very popular in Weight-Loss Drugs and Energizers. However, Ephedra become prohibited in the last years in most countries because the health risks of blood pressure and heart rate.

Bushy bush

The Ephedra plant can grow up to a height of about 60 cm. It is a bushy, upright bush, with light green, leafless stems. When the plant ages the stems color turns olive brown. The plant belongs to the gnetum family (gnetaceae). The plant mainly grows on hills and slopes below 1500 meters.

Growing an Ephedra Plant

The ephedra plant is easy to grow and requires little attention. Plant the seeds within a temperature of 20 degrees, inside or outside. The plant grows best in a warm and dry climate with many Sun. For Europe it is best to grow the plant indoors.

How to Use Efedra

The branches of ephedra can be picked any time. After drying of the branches you make ephedra tea of them. For two cups take 10 grams of herb and leave it 10 minutes cooking. Filter using a coffee filter and add honey or sugar if desired.

Contents of the package

  • 20 Ephedra sinica seeds

Seeds for the Psychedelic Garden

These seeds are meant to be put in the soil. They will sprout fine exotic plants that are known for their fantastical effects. However, these seeds by themselves don’t exhibit effects when ingested. So be patient and have fun growing them!

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