Opium Poppy Seeds [Papaver somniferum] 5 grams

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Another name for a sleeping bulb is Opium Poppy. We also call it the poppy. They are meant to grow the poppy plant. From the milk juice of those beautiful annual plants, opium can be made. Opium is highly addictive. Just like other products made from the poppy.

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Opium poppy or poppy are other names for the plant we know in the Netherlands and Belgium as poppy. Opium poppy seeds (Papaver somniferum) are native to India. The mature plant contains many alkaloids such as morphine and codeine, which are also known as opiates. Addictive substances such as heroin and morphine are obtained from opiates.

Fully legal

Poppy seeds do not contain these alkaloids, which is why poppy seeds are legal in Europe and America. Also known as poppy seeds, poppy seeds are often used in bakeries to sprinkle on bread and rolls. Poppy seeds have a slightly nutty flavor.

Poppy flower Poppy flower

Opium seed contains no psychoactive substances and is not intended for consumption but for growing the poppy plant. The milky sap of the poppy plant can be dried to make (mild) opium. Warning: opium has a high addiction potential.

Growing poppies

Poppy is a beautiful annual plant that is easy to grow. It grows about 1 meter tall and can also be grown in a large pot where it can root well. Poppies like well fertilized, not too wet soil.

Flowering in summer

Seeds can be sown from September to April and will flower the following summer. In harsh winters, wait to sow until the end of winter. Poppy is an annual plant, which means it dies when winter returns. However, the many seeds it produces form new seedlings in the fall.

Opium poppy seeds (Papaver somniferum) from India

  • 20 seeds in hermetically sealed package

Seeds for the psychedelic garden

With the seeds from this plant you can grow your own beautiful exotic plant. The plant that grows from these seeds is known for its good effects, but ingesting this seed itself has no effect. Be patient and have fun growing!

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Opium Poppy Seeds [Papaver somniferum] 5 grams

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