Microscope LED (Trichoscope)

Microscope LED (Trichoscope)

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Time to harvest your cannabis plant? With the Trichoscope microscope you can see exactly when it is time to harvest your cannabis. Review your cultivation efforts quickly with the TSP-30, with a zoom factor of 30x and built-in led. Or make a picture of your cannabis with the TSP-60. This 60x pocket microscope with smartphone clip has a strong zoom factor and is small in size. This small power horse is equipped with both white and UV led lights.

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With the Trichoscope microscope you won't harvest too early nor too late. Look at your plant's trichomes without squeezing your eyes, and harvest your cannabis at the right moment.


Trichomes are the resin glands of the marijuana plant. In the end it is the resin that contains the active compounds THC, CBD and CBG. When resin glands are fully grown, the cannabis plant starts making these valuable compounds. After several weeks time, the trichomes change color and the resin production stops. This is the perfect moment for harvesting your marijuana, but it is very tricky to see this with the naked eye. The Trichoscope is a microscope designed for assessing when this ideal moment for harvest is occurring.

Insects and fungi

The Trichoscope is not just a practical device during the flowering phase. Also during the growth phase of the cannabis plant the microscope is very useful. Already in early phases you can see whether your plant is being attacked by minuscule insects such as mite, but also starting fungi. With knowledge of your marijuana plant you can take early action and save your valuable harvest.

30x and 60x microscopes for marijuana plants

The Trichoscope is available in two versions. Batteries are included for both the 30x and 60x microscope.

  • 30x Trichoscope TSP-30 with white led
  • 60x Trichoscope TSP-60 with Smartphone Clip and with and UV led

You can simply put the 30x Trichoscope into your pocket. This small but handy and luxurious magnifying lens is great for quickly checking the state of your plant during flowering phase. This handheld microscope is retractable, so the glass is protected against falling and scratching. And with the white led, you always have a small flashlight in your pocket. The lens diameter of the TSP-30 is 22 mm.

The 60x Trichoscope, on the other hand, is rich in features. This handheld microscope is equipped with both a white and UV led. With ultraviolet light you can observe different details, which makes it easier to assess the state of your plant. Furthermore, the 60x Trichoscope has a smartphone clip to easily attach the microscope to the camera of your phone. Now you can make photos of the trichomes and closely observe the flowering of your cannabis plants. For example, take a picture every day of the resin glans and check how things change! The lens diameter of the TSP-60 is 11mm.

Package contents (TSP-30)

  • 30x Trichoscope
  • Batteries

Package contents (TSP-60)

  • 60x Trichoscope
  • Quick start guide
  • Micro fiber storage bag
  • Smartphone clip
  • Batteries

Dr. Tom’s Trichoscope

The Trichoscope microscope is developed by Dr. Tom. His goal is to make available professional lab equipment for the consumer market, so everyone can possess affordable high-tech resources. To measure is to know, according to Dr. Tom. By analyzing your plant you can make timely adjustments, so to maximize your harvest.

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Microscope LED (Trichoscope)

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