Seedbox Germination Set (Plagron)

Seedbox Germination Set (Plagron)
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Germination is a delicate phase for plants. To stimulate the process you can use the seed box germination set of Plagron. You will receive a germination box, germination plugs (these are low in nutrients), 250 ml seed booster (this contains nutrients that the plant needs during the first days) and you will be given a manual. In the manual you can read exactly what you´re supposed to do and what you need at which moment. Sowing and harvesting by yourself has never been this easy, as long as you use the right products!


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Germinate Cannabis Seeds

Germination is the most sensitive phase for plants. To run the germination smoothly you can use the seedbox. The Plagron seedbox consists of the following items:

Germination tray

To ensure a stable climate which is good for germination you use the green germination tray. The first day, the lid placed so that the container is airtight. After a few days you can turn the lid the other way so air can get into the container.

Germination pads

The germination pads are made of cocos and don't contain nutrients. This prevents the small plants to become overfertilized. This can happen in nutrient-rich soil.

250 ml seed booster 

The Seed Booster is a sophisticated combination of nutrients that the little plant needs the first few days. It is a liquid stimulator for a stable and free fungal germination of all your plant seeds.

Manual in 7 languages 

The seedbox comes with a clear manual in 7 languages​​: Dutch, English, German, Czech, French, Spanish and Italian. This manual describes every necessary step.

Germination can also be done with water and tissues, but if you want to give the seeds a really good start, then this Seedbox is a real winner.

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